Classic look mode?

You think we could get a classic look mode setting? Basically makes the game look like the original game. If that can’t be done, a mod that basically makes the game look like the old game then?

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A mod is probably doable but would take lots and lots of work. Right now u are able to find classic Terrain, classic sounds, and classic music. Recently some1 also made a mod for classic campaign sounds and intros.

One thing that is lacking is classic trees(maybe?), classic units and classic buildings. But probably even if you had all those, the game will still not look as before because of all the updates to the graphics and the engine.

Who knows, I might even try to do it myself sometimes in the future when i get time.


Only units should be a problem, If only they could extract the missing angles from the 3d models :disappointed_relieved:

I hope that someone will put the HD smoothie terrains in DE, these are great and much easier on the eyes.

I made that mod for DE.

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You know what’s up! Awesome, It had to be done. Perhaps you should post it on reddit. I will help spread awareness through my discord. Let’s be honest, many of the DE terrains are full titanic because they provide bad contrast or are harsh on the eyes. Such as the cobblestones, patchy leaves, glaring desert, ice patches…

Hope you like it. If you require any changes to it let me know. I dont have reddit but feel free to spread it anywhere :slight_smile:

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I dont think this needs to be part of the base game, but it can be good if it is a mod. I really take much time i think. So good luck finding some one who can make a mod and have the time to make it.

How can it not be part of a “definitive edition” ??? They took the effort to remove it instead of making a classic toggle. A studio with integrity would not even hesitate to make it part of the base game. How can time be a constraint when this is going to be the last aoe2 release, ever??? They literally threw out the whole history of the game, still can’t believe it.

I dont really know if they can import the old graphics. I dont think so. This means that for all current graphics, someone must make something that really like like the old AoK graphics. This really seems lots of work. Not only thtat, but it will also take much more space on your disk to have both sets of graphics.

One of the great things of AoE II was the look of the game. I think they did a great job by update the graphics to the new current standards of games, without losing the nostalgic feelings. They didnt threw out the whole history of the game. They expanded the history by giving DE an upgrade.


Like I said above, outside of the units there should be no problems. All the old graphics such as buildings, terrains, resources, icons ect can all be put into the game without any trouble. You realise that they just threw them out right? It doesn’t show great respect and appreciation towards the classic game. I don’t understand your concerns since you do understand others can make classic mods to put them back in.

The old graphics take up very little space, really nothing compared to the new 4k graphics with many frames on the collapse animations.

It’s good that you like the new graphics and that’s fine as your opinion. But they look much different than the old ones so obviously many will still enjoy a classic mode.

They expanded the history by giving DE an upgrade.

If they kept a classic mode then you could say they expanded on it, now they just replaced them.

I think we already disagree at this point. I see the new graphics as an updated version. You see them as a completely new version.

I dont know if this point is true. If it is true, it will be easy to add them back to the game. This will be true for devs or modders. If it is false, it will take much time to add them back to the game. I seems to put my money on it is false. You seems to set your money on it is true.

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Some like the new graphics, some don’t. The reality is that they threw out the old assets and replaced them with new ones.

For some reason you are confused about wether they can put the original assets back into the game… ofcourse they can, as they were always part of it… I’m not betting on anything when it’s a known fact and plain obvious. I never heard someone doubt it before, and probably the only reason why you doubt it is because you would expect them to be part of the game if it was possible. This is indeed a bizarre fact, that they deliberately removed all the original assets from the game.

Let’s not get distracted from the main message, that the definitive edition of this wonderfull game diserves a classic mode. Just as it is the case with many other remasters.

There are new civs in DE, aren’t there? So they would have to create old style equivalent graphics for all the unique elements of those, it’s not just a case of importing old graphics.

I personally think the DE graphics are such a huge improvement that I can understand why it might not have occurred to the devs that some people might want to play it with the old graphics.

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Its funny that the new devs kept the old look for the units but changed some to be more historically accurate Eg.cataphract when they could have made all the units historically accurate since making from scratch.

Yeah most striking of them would have been the Mameluke which shouldn’t be a Axe Throwing guy on a double humped Bactrian Camel or the Janissary that doesn’t have a hat, or the Magyar Huszar which God knows why they decided to give wings, regular Hussar which would have fit all civs so much better without wings. They fixed the Byzantine Cataphract but why not all these things??