Classic Menu Option?

I don’t like the menu. There should be option where I can use the classic menu without having to use a mod.


Mods hidden here.

I have to click this tiny box to bring up this.

Classic menu. Perfect.


Agreed, old menu was way better. I think there was a mod where you can revert back to it. Not sure what happened to it because I deleted all my mods a while ago when my game started crashing.

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As long as it’s an option, I don’t care much. The new one looks significantly better in my personal opinion.

I’m still surprised the Definitive Edition doesn’t include such things, as nods to the old game.

  • Classic menu
  • Classic sounds and music
  • Classic taunts
  • Etc

I imagine they don’t want to have to maintain multiple iterations of the menu, or have an increased chance of bugs, but it would be great

I know some can be modded in and I already have. But I prefer inclusion in the base game


Anyone know if this Anne_HK classic menu mod is still working? Not at my PC at the moment.

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Yes, the Old Main Menu mod still works. I don’t think I could get by without it 11.


Nice, I’ll definitely grab it when I finish building my new PC.

for functional pov theres no comparison, the new menu is strictly for aesthetic. pair up the new menu with fade in/out delay, cancer.