Classic UI

I was so glad to see the Original Audio Pack in mods which replaced all the stupid new sounds to original that we were used to for 20 years.

Now if i may ask, is there any one working for the HUD/UI? Like basically put the current AGE label in the middle like it should be? And the game timer at the left corner? I know this is basically trying to make it all look like the classic game but if there are people who would prefer that why not.

I would really love to see the original HUD if possible.


Seriously though? Stupid?

It’s already said that there won’t be a classic mod from the devs and I’m not sure if any mod can handle that.

Yet, if you want the old feeling, HD is the best option (WK maybe)


Yes I know I used strong language here, if perhaps you played this game for 10,000+ hours you would know the feeling when all of that is changed to modernize a classic game that was already great.

I enjoy the new textures and animation but it’s hard for many people to even register new sounds from what they are used too over 20 years.

So yes, stupid indeed. For new players the new audio is great but the DE should always retain its classic features for old players to enjoy. I mean that’s what Definitive Edition stands for. It’s NOT supposed to be a new game.

Now is it possible you can provide a link to where it says devs already confirmed there won’t be a classic UI?


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If you’re so unsatisfied with the new version, and have such easy access to a preferred one, why bother so much to the point of making public allegations such as those?

It’s absolutely fine if you dislike things and emit your opinions like “I don’t like this thing”, or even if you spot something wrong to you with the product, pointing out like “I think that this thing is wrong because of that”.

But to lame on someone else’s work, calling it stupid, just because you don’t like it?! Not everything is about you and to please you. No need to be rude like that.

Anyway, toggable options for old HUD visuals would be nice, indeed.


You guys need to understand the frustration and disappointment that the players feel. The reason for such language is because I WANT THIS TO SUCCEED and unite all the Voobly + HD players on one solid platform. For many of us this game is more than just a game so we are extremely prejudice about it.

The reason for such dissapointment was very simple, the devs initially didn’t take in account at all from any players about match making and many areas of this game and instead just sold a product that shows a big middle finger to those who love the game. Im guessing they went to Vooblys NPL and asked them how they want the game instead of seeing what all the majority of community wanted.

To understand me you need to realize where im coming from. Its not about money or simple “you dont like it dont play it”. We want to play it, we want it to work and be the game we have been playing for ages. Pun intended!

So yes the language i used is HARSH but i do not mean to bash it so it doesn’t succeed rather the contrary. We want the devs to realize what the community wants and make this game the way we hoped for. The new stuff is great for new players but for the old people its shouldnt be hard to give them what they have had for so long and not toss their beloved religion into a bin. Thats the reason for harsh language.

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I did play the game for a long time and I love the old ST, but the new ST is quite good, don’t let nostalgia make you hate nice changes (still I appreciate the old ST mod)

No ones hating it. I enjoy the new features to some extent. My only disappointment is what i mentioned above and hopefully devs care pay a little attention to the old community.

I agree with that, I sometimes do miss the old ST on some places. Like the music that plays in the start of each match in HD. (not the civ theme, the music when you see your TC and vills, not sure about the name)

Yet, It’s your own opinion, so I respect it.

I’ll do an interface mod similar to Voobly with minimap in the middle if there is any interest.


If I remember well you can start your game with Shamburger (the name of the music) by choosing the “classic” option (maybe it’s not that name, but I’m pretty sure there is an option that removes the civ music at the beginning)

I guess in a perfect world we would have a “classic mode” in the game, but the devs probably won’t cuz it was too hard already for AoE1DE, where the classic mode is super zoomed out and the icons and building selection sounds remain the DE ones. So much for the nostalgia 11. Only downside of this DE that wouldn’t happen in AoE2DE is the fact that the MIDI music that so much players were used too wouldn’t be relegated behind the “original” soundtrack that is somehow less famous.

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I’m fine with the civ theme. I personally like the new ST

But thanks for the info

I do understand it, whatever you’re coming from. And as stated above, I even agree with your specific demand. Things is that the way you meant to criticize with your “harsh language” fails to be constructive.

This is so untrue and disregardfull :frowning_face:. Just look at the effort they made delivering december update and how many community demands were adressed. It sure has its problems, still, but to say that they despise the players in the way that you suggest is very unfair.


Thanks for the response, it would be amazing if you can do that! I don’t think moving the mini-map is important as long as the top resource bar can be adjusted. The “Current Age” should be in the middle with timer in the left corner! :slight_smile:

Sorry you failed to completely understand what i wrote. December update did nothing for us. It is the job of any dev to fix the game with known bugs. The issue we are discussing are NOT with the NEW GAME but the game not retaining its classic options and this is VERY DISRESPECTFUL to the old community players. Hope this gets to you more clearly.

Do you (or anyone) have a good screenshot of the Voobly interface that I can use as a reference? I dont have it installed anymore.

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Here you go!

It is very same as the HD version. If you require anything else like files or what ever let me know. Just guide me where they are and i will be glad to help you in any way i can.

Seriously though? For me it was min 60 increase in FPS only for the hotfix to ruin it again


Im stuck with 40-60 fps on Ryzen 3900X with 32GB of ram. My GPU is also Gtx770 and it should work. It doesnt. Performance needs a lot of work.

Before the hotfix? or after it?