Classical Latin Voice Over for the Roman Explorer

Discuss Classical Latin Voice Over for the Roman Explorer

If anyone is interested, I’d love some help with two parts of this mod:

  1. I’d love to change the UI picture of the Roman Explorer to the Return of Rome Centurion guy. I’d need some help from an artist to add in the team colors and put it all together.

  2. I’m also curious about exploring just how many different kinds of voice lines the engine will support. In this mod, I was able to add unique “build” lines to the explorer, even though they normally don’t have building voice lines. Can I give the explorer unique voice lines for moving to claim treasure? What about unique voice lines for using the sharpshooter ability? Etc.

doesn’t the game automatically add the team colors to the alpha chanel?

Maybe, but I’m not an art guy so I don’t know how that’d work. I mean, I know how to add an alpha channel to a layer, but do I only add alpha to a part of the layer to make the team colors work, or… idk.

yes, you add the alpha channel to the part you want to be colored differently according to the team color. so if you want the turban to be blue, you make the turban inside transparent.