Clicking on Links to View Mods on the Website

This isn’t a bug directly with the game, but it’s a bit awkward to share links to mods on the mod center.

I often share mods with people by sharing a direct link to the mod’s page on the ageofempires website. Here’s an example link:

If someone clicks a link, they will be taken to an essentially blank screen, such as the following.

That screen is shown because the user isn’t signed in to the website. They only are shown the mod details if they already are logged into the mod center.

Would it be possible to, at a minimum, add a brief line on that website that essentially says “You must log in to view mods, click here to sign in: [sign-in-link].”?


Thanks for catching this. It was supposed to prompt for login but a typo kept that from working. It is fixed now.

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A side note for linking, you can also use our url shortener for mods. Example:

We’ll eventually add a sharing button to auto generate these, but basically just replace the mod id at the end with any mod id and it should work.

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