Climate penalties

I have been thinking about the game and the amount of mechanics they have implemented into this game and ended up with climate effect.
For example, the England get bonuses in arid forests but takes heavy negative effects in cold climate or maps. On the other hand, the Mongols would get bonus in open terrain, no negative effects in cold climate etc and so on.


It is cool in text, but not cool in game. That effects will add many problems with game balance and will be very unclear in battles.


So basically a “make the game unbalanced” feature?

Doesn’t sound like a good idea for ranked or skirmisher.

It’s already hard enough to balance maps for all civilisations.
Mongols will already be better on open maps and England likely on closed maps like Black Forest type maps.


These things are too gimmicky to implement,look at the attrition effect in ron really broken.

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Well they could do it like it was in Empire Earth 2 which had several weather effects. For example snow/blizzard reduced unit movement speed, visibility and range.

They could also implemented night and day cycle.


It was more annoying that interesting in Empire Earth 2.

I’m also not a fan of day and night cycle in skirmicher. Either the night will not look like night or the readability would be awful.
In a different kind of game night could make sense because that the time of day people are sleeping but you can’t just make the villagers not work for half of the game.

In a campaign mission that’s of course something different. There they can make an interesting scenario where you have to attack at night for example, or where a rain storm starts during a battle.


I’m a fan of weather effects, but told in this way i don’t think it would work.
Why? Because in a “cold climate” a civs takes always cons, while the other pros. It’s totally unbalanced, and unplayable.
The weather it would be cool if it’s dynamic and affects just military units, (it adds some strategy, but just affect speed of units, line of sight).
It doesn’t necessarily affect readability (look at praetorians, you recognize that it’s raining just from the sound of thunders. If you don’t like the weather…push “disable weather effects” :smiley:

About the night, i’m skeptical…it affects readability, everyone starts to attack by night (because maybe affects the line of sight), the strongest become vampires, the weakest start to fear the dark…nah it doesn’t work! ahahah

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Actually it could be very good,
here one video as example where AoE4 trailer was modified with rain and night.

Well I think it’s for the best of game keeps same “time”,
have night is ok, have day is ok, have winter or storm ,but not change all time.

Maybe it could be related to the map?
Like Tundra be more dark, than steppe?

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This. No need to add penalties but only visuals that adds so good ambiance. I hope devs includes it.

Company of Heroes as weather effects in some missions so why not AoE4 too?

It is good idea for campaign but it will bring to much randomness into PVP. Though day night cycles are great since they are predictable.

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Well for campaign it’s ok but I don’t think they have enough time to add such thing if that’s not designed before. But they can add it just visually for good ambiance I guess.

What I wanted to say is that it’s likely that they already made a mission that includes visual weather effects.
There are quit some battles that were famous for taking part during rain or snow.
Having a day and night cycle could also be useful in a mission where you have limited time to visualize the passing of time. Like enemy reinforcements arrive in 5 days.
The Battle of Agincourt took part after heavy rainfall for example. So maybe they’ll show that in the Mission.

Wouldn’t be the first time in the AoE series. AoE3 had some weather effects before.
And Relic definitely used weather before in their games so they already know how to do it.

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This is way too gimmicky I rather have them for “cosmetic effects”.

It’s a feature that could be fun in campaigns but it’s not suited for multiplayer imo.

If it put both players at a disadvantage, it’s fine IMO

The question is, if it would be fun in multiplayer games.

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More likely an unwanted distraction.

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