"Clone" Civs - How to add a LOT more Civs, make people happy, and MAKE SOME $$$

I mean the things that need be improved… But soundtrack, campaigns, and mechanics are the best by far as a player that played all Age of Empires editions (I Rise of Rome, 2 Definitive edition, 3 Asian Dynasties and 4) (Im not counting spin off like Age of Mythology but seems like very good game)

I feel the campaigns very repetitive,the English starts well, but then in the end it deflates and becomes repetitive with three missions having to defend a bastion…the French is like a roller coaster, some missions are very good (the first for example), but then other missions are meh (I remember that the mission of the siege of Orleans frustrated me a lot and I left the game for a month)…the Mongolian was very good, and I liked it a lot for the theme of moving the bases and repair the bridges (i pass the Kalka river battle with only Subotai remaining xd) and finally the Rus was very epic with the soundtrack and the Mongolian drums in the Kulikovo battle (I remember i pass it at the end with only Prince Dimitri remaining and my allies only seen and doing nothing and i shout them “do something mtf or we are going to lose xd”)