Closed maps only?

hii all. there are rotations that force me to play like 9/10 games arena, michi or dark forest. please fix this problem.


What maps are you choosing to ban, out of what total options in the rotation? If you ban Arena and star Arabia, the overwhelming majority of your games are liable to be on Arabia, because of how popular it is.


Yes it is not a problem because those map are just popular

Mich should be ban forever from the rank…It’s a shame such map. Not everyone want to waste 1 hour per game on such ridiculous map.

it is a problem for sure if i enjoy 1 out of 10 games.

Because bad players like closed maps. They like to play a chili game. Therefore they vote for them. It’s democracy you don’t always get what you want.


just pick khmer and finish the game in 20 min like what Poop Lord did. I don’t share their youtube link here

I agree. I think Team Game should always have 4 ban no matter you are solo players or not. However this idea have been suggested to devs and devs quite enjoy the current state of the game

usually at lower elos they like closed maps or non-arabia more. don’t know your elo (actualy i assume u are around 1-1.1k team elo a.scarpa's profile - Age of Empires 2 - AoE2 Insights), but a simple solution is to get a higher elo.

Also looking at your history

you don’t play that much closed maps. Its hard to tell exact number bc this stupid site only shows wins and wr instead of total games but it looks like 3 arena, 4 BF, 3 hideout.

4x4 bans = We don’t play the game… What a genius idea you have

Or you meant 4 bans team colective decision ?

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