Cloud capacity

My game often prompts cloud capacity is full and will use local drive. I cannot find where the cloud saves are? Can anyone advise? Thanks.

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It’s a new feature but it wasn’t much explained so it’s hard to find people who know anything about it. What I’ve noticed is that only saved games are on the cloud, and that deleting them from in-game (and not your file browser) will delete them from the cloud too.

Thanks, so I can only delete them from in-game. I only had Xbox on PC, no console at all. Seems it’s not possible to delete from PC directly in batches.

I try delete in game each game individually, but my cloud capacity number does not change yet. Any other method to release my storage. I don’t want to receive that error each game, saying my capacity is full

If you’re only looking to get rid of the warning and do not care to use cloud storage, it’s possible to just disable cloud storage for AoE2DE on Steam. Just right-click the game in your library, select ‘properties’ and deselect the third option. I expect that disabling that option will get rid of the warning message.


I expected it doing so, but error still prompted to me

I delete the save in game and my cloud capacity increases now. However, I am using Xbox. How to solve this problem?

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+1 everytime when I try to load a game rec it runs extremely slow

another great feature forced in. then the only way to delete them from the cloud is manually one by one in game, with a prompt each time.haviing to many record games locally will make the loading screen take for ever. only way to fix is to delete locally.

I really wonder why that takes so long, it should only fetch the names anyways, and maybe even only the top 10.

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I can agree it’s so annoying that you can’t just batch delete savefiles by deleting them all from the local folder. I even disabled cloud saves for AoE DE in Steam but it still saves them in the cloud.

If anyone finds a way to completely stop cloud saves let me know.

Cannot turn it off for all 4 combinations of (global steam settings) X (cloud storage properties of aoe2 steam app).

I was stuck at a minimum 80.5% capacity because I decided to save 3-5 minutes and delete via windows explorer. When capacity “exceeded”, you get multiple lagged, “special” alert boxes; the last fact jumps you back into the game for about half a second with any mouse/keystrokes ignored.

However, if you exit steam and restart, it will make the capacity what it actually is again.

One would think that when someone added some minor irrelevant feature, they’d use it once or twice first. And when it has 3+ errors in the 3 minutes of testing, they’d either (a) fix it, or (b) schedule it for some future version (i.e. fix it later).

God I hate Downdating software.

It works for Steam, but not for XBox on PC. Xbox seems can only delete cloud save from the console.

Try this: