Cloud save issue: DE on Steam

I’ve got an issue where AoEII DE on Steam keeps reading the player profile + save files with those taken from an older set of cloud saves. If that ‘remote’ folder is deleted, Steam re-downloads those files.

There’s no option to disable or reset game-specific cloud saving in Steam properties (unlike other games), with local saves in the Games folder still being created.

This keeps happening: I complete a mission for example, exit the game, re-enter DE, and that progress has been complete ignored/wiped.

Is this due to the Player.nfp being affected?

Again, still no option to disable or reset game-specific cloud saving in the Steam properties.

Still occurring with the latest patch, with the game refusing to log cloud save progress made in any Campaign after early January.

Evidence for original progress made, and now unrecognised, can be found in achievements and local saves. Once again, there’s no option to read from local saves or at least update the cloud save files.

I had this same issue. One way to fix it I found. You can disable cloud save. I don’t know if it effects multiplayer play but for losing progress on single player missions it will be better. Here’s the steps
Right click the game in your library
click Properties
go to the updates tab
On the steam cloud section un-check the “enable steam cloud” option/
I can’t find a way to restore lost progress but it should stop it from happening again. Hope it helps