Co-Op Historical Battles in Age III: DE: Feedback and Discussion

A new adventure awaits you in the latest update for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!

The new Co-Op Historical Battles are now available, bringing a co-operative multiplayer experience to the vivid historical and objective based content you love, now with a friend. We’re thrilled to bring you this co-opportunity to play and experience the game as never before! The best part? Only owners of the DLC need to host the associated Historical Battles and anyone can join, even if they don’t own the DLC!

You’ll find plenty of information in our blog around how to get access, what to expect from Co-Op, and how we plan to follow up. Read more here: What You Need to Know About Co-Op Battles in Age III: DE

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The co-op historical battles, when completed, do not register as being completed on any difficulty. Additionally, profile pictures are not unlocked from those battles that would unlock them.

hope more The new Co-Op Historical Battles in Asia,like Sino-Russian border conflicts,Dzungar–Qing Wars,Siege of Osaka,Battle of Okehazama。


The militia hero in battle of new Orleans has no animation building the TP

I also think difficulty needs to be upped a lot for hardest mode.


i finished one historic battlle on co-op and i didnt get my medal gold. Medals are not given on historics battle coop and not warning about that

It’s mentioned that for the campaigns requiring DLC, only the owner needs the DLC and anyone else can join even if they don’t own it.
I’ve tried to host The Burning of USS Philadelphia, tried to start the game with a friend but he gets kicked out and has an error message saying he does not have the DLC.

I don’t know how much you (devs) want to invest on this game mode:

Some ideas:

-Some kind of leaderboard with points based on performance (IDK, with defense missions more kill ratio and less unit dying give more points)

-Separated medals for MP

-More difficulty

You really can have inspiration on Starcraft II Coop missions. In this game mode is where you could reuse the old unlocking homecity system, but having different homecities for different scenarios make it difficult to implement.

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Because in aoe 2 there are already the campaigns and the cooperative historical battles,so they decided to move it also to aoe 3…

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This co-op scenarios are excellent. We have a lot of fun with them. The Hard difficulty forces us to make some epic rescues operations.

We struggled on the Chuvash Cape scenario. I lost my south settlement after a big yellow tatar attack, but I saved the chariot fort (which had just arrived from the home city) and 10 villagers, they esacped across the river with the departure ship and across the map to rejoin my friend. After that, I built the fort and reboom, and we defended the north village together again the unstoppable tatar army. It was epic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Futhermore, I tested some custom coop scenario I created. Last year I tested them and we have a lot of synchronization errors. But now, they work rather well. Did the developers improve the performance of multiplayer custom scenarios ? It’s great !


I am not receiving medals from completing co-op historical battles either. Is this intended or a glitch?

Yes, I actually tried to play the fall of the Hausa in difficult difficulty and we were swept away by the enemies…

Most likely it is intentional, so that you do not get it so quickly to the profiles…

Do want to add, the Christopher de Gama one needs some tuning on hard difficulty, its incredibly difficult to do with 2 people.

The enemy javelin riders have more attack stats then the allied ones

The skirm units the enemy gets have x3 against both heavy infantry and goon so they just clear pike units

In addition, in the normal scenario u usually escape with 2 oragan guns in the beginning. In the coop there is only 1, best to have 2 guns, one for each player.

It is rather simple yet my strategy was that one player defends and the other releases the villages then victory

yeah that was the one strat that works but the tolerance on the execution is pretty high. all it takes is losing 1 of the organ guns and it cascade down pretty quickly

Having some harder missions to spice things up is a good thing.

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I think the same of the fall of the Hausa…in Hard the three Hausa cities attack you at the same time and do not give you time to defend yourself in conditions…

I am appreciating the increased difficulty of the co-op historical battles. Some are much too easy solo, even on hard.