Co-op Multiplayer with same city (color). Why not?

Hi all and excuse me for my bad English.
i’m 51yo and i used to play AOE games since 2000 with my friends.
we prefer to play co-op multiplayer under the same color - city, against computer AI enemies.
this way has more fun for us.
we are too old to play competitive game against newer players on the net.
but this feature is not exist in aoe3 DE. it exists only in aoe2 DE.
why not?
please add it in all aoe.
even in future aoe4.
i hope you will add this feature in next update.



Your English is great. Welcome to the forums! It’s so fun to see all the different backgrounds of Age of Empires players.

Forgive my ignorance. Are you meaning you and your friends want to control the same civilization vs the AI? I believe it is already possible to choose the same civilization as each other. Unless you are meaning control the same town?


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yeah that is what he means, in AoE2 D.E. if two players et their color/number to the same one they can control one base together.


yes, i mean the same town center base (usually played with the same color in AOE2 DE).
I use to make all the resources while my mates make barracks, walls etc.

please add this feature in AOE3 DE also, as in AOE2 DE.