Co-op should be in Quick Play besides lobby browser

I think Quick Play will be good for Co-op to find people to play with fast just like in Starcraft 2 co-op matchmaking. I usually play alone and I hope there’ll be some nice people to play with in the upcoming Co-op mode.

P.S. Remove Battle Royale and put Co-op instead. Nobody is playing BR via Quick Play.

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It might be the only thing suitable for quick play in my opinion. But is one game mode enough to have quick play?

is quick play really that bad?. I play a lot of 3v3 quick play with 2 of my friends and so far i’ve never had to wait more than 3 mins at most for a match

You can get a match in RM as well, with the main benefit of more balanced teams. So if you have the option for a game in ranked or quick play, then you are always better of in ranked in my opinion, since you have more balanced teams. Also in general the waiting time is very long. I have been in the queue for more then 15 minutes multiple times, before i left the queue and go back to ranked again.

hmm weird. i’ve never had any bad experiences with quick play so far. But i do play quick play only with my friends so i guess its easier to find 3 more people. And in general yeah. Ranked is much better in terms of balanced players and amount of ongoing matches