I think there should be a game mode that you can play with your friends or random players were you go through co-op campaign missions and scenarios. There should also be a feature to create Co-op missions via the scenario creator. Please add further comments to expand this idea if you are interested or have different approaches to it.

I guess we’ll be looking at Custom Scenarios for this need. I think it would take too much work, but who knows? AoE2 had a massive Scenario Builder community, and we can only hope that AoE:DE has a fraction of that same charm.

I think it should be possible, still want to see if the scenario editor is beefed up at all but even if it isn’t it should still be doable with the right scenario design.

To start if dev can’t see immediately adding custom scenarios, perhaps random auto gen’d scenario creation?

I think custom scenarios shouldn’t be too much trouble to put in, should they?

Yes, it would be great to have Co-op campaigns, you miss them in all the games. But if they want to release it fast, it would be hard ^^. Probably the community will be in charge of that, indeed we would like that the developers polish them !

I would love this feature. Would breathe some new life into the campaigns. Even if it’s just two players sharing control of one faction. Should be “relatively” easy to implement seeing as the missions work like open scenarios and not scripted stories.

Yeah… would be a very nice feature!

I totally agree, a coop mode as in Starcraft II would be wonderful, but not just for this AoE, if not for all RTS, for me the coop mode is a must and a buying incentive.

I don’t think we’ll see any co-op campaigns at release. I imagine there will be multiplayer random maps you can team up with your mate in.

I’m hoping I can rope in my brother into playing co-op random map vs AI with me when this gets released.

I’m sure there will be fan made coop maps ;p But, they might only be available as “multiplayer maps”, so it would be on them to not cheat and go straight to the last mission ;p