Co-Operative Campaign Scenarios

Is there a way to export the current campaign missions to then import them as custom scenarios as to be able to play them as multiplayer now that 2 people can play as the same player number. Thought it’d be a cool idea to explore and if anyone has tried to do this yet?

If it can’t find anyway to do this, can the devs possibly input a way to be able to do this. My friend doesn’t particuarly play AoE but hes played one campaign and said it was cool and would like to play more but as a co-op.

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There is. Copy official campaigns files to custom campaigns folder. Then they’ll show up in campaigns editor and will prompt to unpack. After that you are good to test the campaigns or whatever. This works both in HD and DE. For old AOC you need a third party program called Campaigns Manager or something.

Here is a reminder. You and your partner needs to be same color player one. This won’t override player color but player ID instead. You and your partner will share same control over unit. Like you and your buddy both will be able to play as Joan Of Arc. AI player must use their respective color. Don’t give player 2 AI color green(3). Must give player 2 AI color red. Player slot won’t matter. Player color will. If there is any question just ask.


Do you know the file directory for DE on MS store, i know they are very an-al about being able to access their directories as i’ve tried to before for different games or is it only available on Steam Version?

Can’t exactly tell but on Steam go to Properties, there might be an option to go to the game folder. resources_common\campaign to find campaign files.

They have changed a few things since then to make those files more easily accessible. You can find them below the C:\Users\YourName\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\ folder. If you open the scenario editor you can also browse to the scenario folder from there.

Hi, since the slots are closed preventing more players do I go into the editor and change it? Also, how do I assign the same colour to two players?