Coaching opportunity for 1.6k players and below

Hi im 1750 & offering coaching to anyone below 1.6k in 1v1 ability. I stream this on : Twitch … when I have recs to actually review.
Join in through the discord : vtDFfuAkxt
I primarily look at recs & review these for critical issues & stemming issues (issues that have a large cascading effect on the game, for a pro its losing a vil to a boar, for anyone else its much larger issues such as egregious economy balance floating 1k+ of a single res). I am looking into doing 1:1 coaching into live games later.
Dont be shy! I have so many people join the discord or on twitch & never actually go through with coaching. Just try it out and send one rec you feel represents your current ability.

Forgot to mention its free


Are you charging for the service?

Nope its all free. I dont offer paid service.

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I will hit you up when i get back to my computer.

Maybe they are waiting for the perfect game.

Because yeah, coaching is nice, but I don’t want hundreds of people to see me play badly. :sunglasses:

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i guess that’s the problem. if you only show ‘perfect’ games that happen 1% of the time, you won’t learn much …

Would you sue T90 if i cast your game as part of LEL? :grinning:

No I’d be completely hyped by that. I have actually tried playing on Tuesdays a handful of times to see if I’d make it in.

I would just be a lot more hyped if it happened to be a game that made me look good. :wink:

(Also, if anyone ever does see a cast of one of my games, please tell me about it so I can watch it.)

Send you game to Jcpkill and he will cast your game, so you can be completely hyped about someone casting your game! You even get some addition coaching as well!

Imagine paying money to get someone to teach you how to play a video game smh.

Gl charges 500 euros. It common to pay for this kind of service. It takes time and skill. Something the buyer lacks. Your probly the kinda person who thinks artist should charge for their art too.

Paying money for art or for a skill in an art like playing piano is one thing. Paying people to teach you how to play a freaking video game is another.

Yeah but at the end of the day its their money, they can spend it however they want, and it isn’t really hurting anyone so its not a big deal

In the end it is all about demand and supply. If the demand is high, then you can start asking money. In the case of GL: It is pretty popular to get coaching from the best players of the world, while they have pretty much limited time. As results they just sets the bar high and ask for an insane amount of money. some lower rated players (who are still pretty much skilled) can ask much less or even nothing. The demand of getting coached by such players is much lower.


Thank you for reviewing my rec today, that’s generous of you, and helpful :slight_smile:

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