Coastal Forest Team Game Posotions

Hey, we just played a team game 4v4 on coastal forest and were wondering if the positions are random or if they are predesined somehow. Without choosing your position you can t play online because the archer civs could be on the outer edge of the map. Is there any way to influence the positions like with normal maps? Player 1 and 7 are flank and player 5 and 3 are pocket? We couldn t find any kind of system in the positioning.

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It is done by colors. The pocket will always be the middle colors, and the flanks will be the outer colors. For example, if you had a blue player, a green player, and a teal player on a team, the blue and teal players would be the flanks, I’m pretty sure their color numbers are 1 and 5. I know that blue is one, and green is player 3, and because green’s number is in the middle of the others, they will be the pocket. I think it should be changed, but that is the current system.

Thanks for the quick answer. I know that this is how it works on normal/other maps. My only question is how the positions are determined on coastal forest. Those seem to be random.

Ok, I’ve just done some testing, and it does indeed seem to be random for Coastal Forest. Not sure why.


I think the randomness is the charm and flavor of the map. So picking flexible civs that also have nice hybrid map economies seems to work best (japa, lith, huns, mong etc…). Cav archer civs are also nice since they can do cavalry archers and/or knights come castle age.

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Choose some multifunctional civ such as Mayan or Mongolia,in outer adge you can play dark rush or archers in inner edge you can update fast in castle age and use eagle warriors or UU,as animal fight is so important in this map I suggest those two civs should be chosen. Other civ such as Persia, arms for outer edge or cavs for inner edge. Portug, archers for outer edge or UU for inner edge. Just think it over there are lots of civs can play in different positions.