Coat of Arms and Monuments

During the Age of Empires IV: Showcase Recap today, Adam Isgreen made a minor announcement on what the coat of arms and monuments are included with the Digital Deluxe Edition.

The coat of arms will be a customizable graphic in the game outside of a match, in addition to the player portrait, with different colors, symbols and tabards, similar to the customizable coat of arms from the Fan Preview Virtual Village. A few customization options will only be available to those who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Monuments are cosmetic items which are unlocked during game progression and are featured in the center of your town center building during a match. There will be a special monument only available to those who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Both the coat of arms and monuments are purely cosmetic items without providing any competitive advantage.



Also reaffirming they want to be “as accurate towards history as possible”


Did they told anything new about the gameplay or games mechanic/civilizations?

pretty much what I expected although I would have guessed coat of arms would also be seen inside a match :smiley:


Only a few small Details:

  • Landmarks can be rebuild but apparently only in the same spot
  • Ships with cannons can fire on both sides at the same time
  • There are landmarks with area of effect buffs around them and landmarks that behave like Town Centres. Besides the types that have already been confirmed.
  • Mongols can build sheep for allies

Build sheep?! 11

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Yes, the Mongols don’t have farms but can trains sheep in some way instead.


I know that but the idea of building sheep is absurd, how about we just say they have buildings that magically generate sheep?

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Yea I meant training/producing not building.


I can only imagine how sheep are gonna be trained.

Sheep trainer: You are a sheep, when our god clicks on you, say baa and when he makes you move somewhere you move and also you must die when you get poked by a cane.


Hahaha this is hilarious :joy:


Does this mean we’re gonna get transgender soldiers and black woman generals?


They are not historically accurate so no