Coat of arms quiz

this is probably the highest grade I’ve received in an exam to date. and I’m 35.
all the memorization I did was from inputting the text/images; haven’t played in two-three years and when I did play/watch streams, most people have mods running anyway.
I suspected I was gonna have 5 wrong, but no, only 1 wrong.

is there a minimum post count to be able to create threads in the main sections?

jesus and the next 97%. where’s my luck when I’m betting. I wish it wasn’t multiple choice. I couldn’t find a website that has a drop-down list for the flashcards.

Well congrats you’re better at that than like half the player base who still can’t tell the difference between Viking/Chinese or Ethiopian/Malay. Or still didn’t memorize any.
Which means on tons of streams I have to bear with that ugly “symbol/letters hybrid” ugly mod that makes the damn thing super hard to see since the writing covers the coat of arms and the coat of arms makes the letters harder to read.

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or a bit harder since no choices:

Coat of arms is one of my favorite designs by DE. A very efficient and beautiful way to express information. If you ditch the mods it should only take you a week or two to remember all of them.

the first three are super ez. The most troubles I have is with burmese and malay, and sometimes I forget the Magyars. Other than that it’s pretty self-explanatory. They did a great job with the designs.

I think this is easier. I have instant response when I see each icon. But thinking of what the icon is like when presented the civ name actually could take a few seconds.

lol I was exactly the opposite. super easy with choices and somewhat harder without. after five runs it’s the same.

I mean it’s basically the same. when I see the icon I already know the answer. having it already spelled is what makes it easier.

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