Coat of Arms - Sigil Position modifies other players Sigils on loading screen

Editing Coat of Arms > Sigil Position > Triple Stacked

This causes every players Sigil Position on loading screen to appear as triple stacked when it’s highly unlikely that everyone for this game selected this option. See screenshot.

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Even if the chance is low, it is not 0 that everybody has the same sigil positions.

I am more bothered by the different bugged color of the most bottom sigil there.

Would love if you would be able to put different sigils into each slot.

Was able to replicate. This occurs when you select a Sigil Position and keep that screen open while matchmaking is in process which is then followed by the loading screen.

EDIT: This sigil position on the flag sticks for the remainder of time the game is opened and it occurs with future matches regardless of the Sigil Position window being opened or not.

Great find! Thanks @Drumsin.