Code Behind Fort Wars - XS Injection, Kb Queries, Etc

I’ve written a deep-dive with samples of the code for the Fort Wars custom map. It covers everything from XS injection to kb queries and may be of interest to other map makers here. There are examples of coding the entire spawn and upgrades system in XS injection for performance.

If anyone has further questions or want to know how other parts were done, feel free to ask. Enjoy!


I read and understood roughly 10% of it, though I’m interested in trying to figure it out. it’s amazing the sort of things talented people have managed to do with such a buggy game, and I had countless hours of fun thanks to your hard work.

I wish the game released in a proper state with a working editor though. it must have scared so many people off from making their ideas manifest if they needed that type of knowledge and countless hours of trial and error to do basic things like modify unit stats.

Thanks. Yeah the joke sort of was that Fort Wars was a popular custom map but also more or less the only custom map (at the time in the early years) because it required that much effort to make anything non-standard. Age of Mythology is far superior for the dev aspect, but it has the opposite problem of almost no player base still existing.

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awesome work :slight_smile:

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