CoH style siege rework ideas

Finally siege is getting a lot healthier in this game from how it started out ti be, but there are still several posts complaining about it. Maybe it’s just a dream what I’m trying to suggest here, but I firmly believe that it could make siege play INSANELY fun!

So what would you guys think, if we kept siege as this glass cannon style insanely high damage, but insanely low maneuverability and insanely low accuracy tools.

Not just the fact that it would be also a LOT more historically accurate, it has also proved to be super successful in CoH.

We have to forget these auto aiming and target tracing projectiles, at least for siege.

So springalds and culverins keep their accuracy alone as pure anti siege weapons.

Mangonels/Nest of bees: Range buff, but indirect fire with medium random accuracy. Like a trebuchet. Huge damage, huge splash damage, when it hits. It won’t most of the time. So they have more of a psychological effect than actual damage. Again, more historically accurate.

Ribauldequin: like a mangonel, medium accuracy, very high splash damage, longer range. Like a shotgun.

Bombards: indirect fire, higher accuracy against buildings, but against units INSANELY low accuracy. Obviously devastating damage, smaller splash radius but also deadly. Longer reload times.

If we’d add on top of all this, that these beasts could only shoot at targets within their arc once deployed, and in order to turn they have to pack up and redeploy again, could make them a fantastic micro mechanism.

It’s like a vision I believe could satisfy what everybody is missing :smiley:

What do you guys think?
(These are just basic concepts obviously, would need further balance tweaking)

Thanks for all your thoughts. It’d be amazing if devs could also share what they think on the matter :slight_smile: