Collect random-civ games separately for better stats

This probably isn’t possible right now, but we really should have a collection of the stats of games where the random civ option was enabled. There are all kinds of issues with using stats of games where players chose their civ if you want to know how good the civ actually is. People having a higher ELO because they play with better civs, people counter-picking common picks, etc etc.

Is it possible? If so, is it done?
If not could the devs add support for such a database?

correct me if im wrong but don’t a lot of stats come from third party accounting? like aoe2stats io

Yeah, that is the main issue: Why do we need to rely on third parties for this? I would love to see such thing inside the game. What they do must just be part of the game to me.

I bet that ‘picking random’ isnt part of the current data. Those third parties therefore cant really do anything about this request.


Well, there is first party data because of win.loss on profiles, it’s just not in depth enough :confused: sometimes my profile doesnt even show the right information, either, I agree that more attention should be put towards it

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