Collection and Poll for Persians => only tweaks to already laid out concepts

In this thread I want to discuss the Persians. But I don’t want to give them something completely new. I think the Civ already has a nice set of bonusses that only need some tweaks to find more frequant utilization in their Gameplay. And also probably some bonusses that are situationally and depending on Maps sometimes a bit cheesy.
Please feel free to add your own Ideas. I will collect them and include them in later polls.

Cavarly Archers

Persians were conceptionally built around CA. But the lack of Bracer makes their CA so subpar in Imp you basically can’t use them to success.
Persians could have

  • ealrly access to light cav archers in feudal
  • (after kamandaran) faster or cheaper CA
  • CA with extra armor (also archer/CA/cavalry armor)


It feels Trashbows are atm in a bad spot. The low damage makes it really tough to use them, especially against the new armored infantry options It looks like in most cases Persians just prefer skirms (+HC) over the trashbows in the lategame
Trashbows could

  • Be an inherent Bonus of Persians (prob 70 Wood instead of 60)
  • Fire faster (after Kamandaran)
  • Get some specific bonus Damage like against Spears and Camels

War Elephants

War Eles always were awkward to balance. With their insane Pop efficiency they can be completely destructive in super lategame Scenarios. But that means in all other Games they usually feel very underwhealming. Especially due to their super Weakness to Monks.
Very often we see proposals including

  • Higehr base Speed
  • Monk Resistance (possibly turning “neutral” after a first conversion)
    +I also proposed a “speed charge” that can for a short time greatly increase their speed and has a cooldown on it

In general I think it would be nice if War Eles could be a low numbers addition to some other units of Persians. Like the Trashbows. When the Opponent goes heacily into Skirms (from cav), a few War Eles added should be a great addition. Atm this isn’t really working also because Trashbows are kinda underwhealming rn.
I don’t want Persians to get Battle Eles as for me the destinctions between the full-on Persian War Eles and the Battle Eles is very important.

TC and Dock Bonus

I personally think the Bonus is atm an issue. Not because it would be overpowered or something, but because it hinders the adjustment of the other bonusses Persians have. In cojecture with the starting ressources this makes Persians a very strong civ on Hybrid Maps - which are usually most often played in Tournaments and less on the ladder. But as Persinas do still so well on them on Toruneys there is little encouragement to “buff” them somewhere else. Also ofc the ####### I think it can be tuned down a bit. So that there are more strats available to counter it.
Ideas I have include

  • HP Bonus reduced from 100 % to 50 % for both Docks and TCs (or staggered from 50 % in dark to 100 % in imp=
  • Docks don’t work faster anymore
  • Repairs of Docks and TCs cost the same res as for other civs


I personally think the Persian Knight line is fine. Persians don’t have a specific strong Bonus to them (Bonus vs Archers isn’t as strong tbh). But they have FU Paladin and (potentially) a very strong Eco behind this. I just lsit it here as it is one of the main featured lines of Persians and there are frequent requests for their Cavalry to be adjusted, though it’s often also a alternate skin or the additon of SL that is requested.

Optionally we can also talk about some other units that see often use with Persians despite being “generic” or not even FU. Skirms, HC and Light Cavalry.

I was worried there werent enough threads to over exhaust Persian talk. I was worried we wouldn’t squeeze the subject dry. That was a close call!

I saw the different threads.
And I decided to make a new to state that I don’t want a total rework or completely new stuff to persians.
Cause imo Persians have interesting Concepts in them, they are just underwhealming atm.

Civilization Bonus

  • Each Town Center provides +50 Food, +50 Wood.
  • Town Centers and Docks have +25%/+50%/+75%/+100% HP in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Town Centers train Villagers and research technologies (excluding Age advancing) 5%/10%/15%/20% faster in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
  • 1)Parthian Tactics is available in Castle Age and doesn’t cost gold, or 2) Bloodlines, Husbandry, Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics cost 60% less food.

Unique Units

War Elephant (Castle), Savar (Stable)

War Elephant Speed increased 0.60 → 0.70

Cost : 65 Food, 70 Gold
Training Time : 28 Seconds
HP : 105 (150)
Attack : 1) 10 (12) Attack Bonus : +2 vs Archer, or 2) Attack : 10 (13) Attack Bonus : +2 (+4) vs Archer
Rate of Fire : 1.90
Melee Armor : 2
Pierce Armor : 2 (3)
Armor Class : Cavalry, Unique Unit
Speed : 1.35
LOS : 4
Upgrade Cost : 1200 Food, 800 gold
Upgrade Time : 150 Seconds

Unique Technologies

  1. Kamandaran
  2. Immortal - 1) Cavalry Archer and Savaran +3 attack. Cost : 800 food, 700 gold Research Time : 45 seconds, or 2) Savar and Cavalry Archer return 40% gold. Cost : 750 food, 500 gold Research Time : 40 seconds

Team Bonus

  1. Docks work 5% faster.


  1. Docks are built 25% faster.

Technology Tree

Gets Standard Steppe Lancer (No elite).
Knight line is removed.

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Why do you keep suggesting Immortal as a UT? That’s more of an ancient Persia thing.

Not having enough knowledge on history is the reason.

Okay then, can you explain what it’s referencing?

Honestly I just think if 50 wood, 50 food at the start is removed and replaced with tc working faster from dark age, a secondary unique unit which is anti infantry but not so vulnerable to skirms is added, the civ becomes balanced by its own. It has full stable, gunpowder units, full upgrades on halbs and skirms get +4. Infantry in late game and being a slow paced civ on land are their only weaknesses.

Feudal CA seems interesting but has to be cautiously implemented. They should be considerably slower than castle age ones, like 1.2 speed and should get produced at least 50% slower. But this is an interesting change.

For imperial age this is good but not sure about the early game. Feels like too big of a nerf for feudal archer opening.

How about a unique building that takes a long time to build and has average hp but within its range elephants cant be converted? I’d actually want this for Bengalis but could fit any elephant civ.

The cavalry army of Persian Empire. If it is wrong, you can explain what it actually is.

Also I have no opinion on the name of an UT. You can just name it “ABCD” as long as the effect is same.

A good reference for cavalry buff.

Yes, it seems it’s historically appropriate after all. However, I think there are better choices that won’t immediately make people think of ancient Persia.

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PT one age earlier is also possible