Colombia Revolution

Anyone else think this revolution is a super weak?
Yeah the 2 ironclads are nice and all, but Independence Guards are awful because of their speed, and their stats aren’t even that good to justify being so slow.(they are veteran musks with +15% extra hp).
I think they either need to have normal speed or have guard stats to balance the slow speed.


I can think of several changes for Gran Colombia. :slightly_smiling_face:

New Gran Colombia.



4 Ironclads appear in the Home City naval shipment point.
Settlers/Settler Wagons become Independence Guards (Guard Musketeers with +25% attack and hit points; +10% speed) instead of Revolutionaries.
For the Germans, revolting to Gran Colombia allows them to train Musketeers and upgrade them to Guard.

Original Cards. (Without changes)

New Cards

Presidential Army:
Effect 1: Forts and artillery foundries spawn units in batches instead of training them.
Effect 2: Upgrade Musketeers/Independence Guards to Imperial (+50% hit points and attack).

Sympathetic Mercenaries:
Effect 1: Highlanders, Jaegers, and Harquebusiers cost -1 population.
Effect 2: Doubles the number of mercenaries in the Albion Mercenary Legion shipment.

War Industry:
Effect: Factories get +100% hit points and are repaired for free; Cannery, Water Power, Steam Power and Mass Production upgrades are free.

1 Battleship:
Effect: Ships 1 Battleship; costs 1,000 Food

Argentine Allies:
Effect: Ships 10 Cows and 10 Mounted Granaderos.

Effect: Ships 1 Citizen (Settler) for each building you have constructed; Citizens cost no population.

As always these are just ideas, not a request. :smile:

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