Color palette mods not working

Okay, can you just tell the RGBA of colours from Spring colour palette? It was an official mod and I really want to bring it back just for myself. I’ve read that I can modify it locally, but I need the RGBA of all that colours to modify spritecolors file.

Try using an RGBA color-from-image website. You’ll upload an image of the colors you want, such as a picture of the spring colors, and then select different pixels of the image to see the RGBA code.

Here’s one I found that should work:

Reminder that if you edit the spritecolors file, the RGBA code is in decimal format. So divide whatever color value you want by 255 for each R, G, and B element and insert the resulting decimal value. Leave the alpha value (A) as 1.0 unless you want a less vibrant color.

Thank you very much! I will try it.

let us know how you do it please

OP was sept 2022, now its sept 2023.

1 year and ongoing still not fixed

The normal color palette system is no longer working, but there are now a couple of color palette mods that work (though these had to edit the spritecolors.json file as opposed to the previous format where the pallet folders were updated.)

There are a couple new color palette mods. I’ve found that work, which helped me figure out how to make my own updated version of GABES vibrant color palette
There’s also another vibrant color palette, and a dusty color palette which are both made by the same person I believe. Just look up " color" in the mod section and sort by most recently updated, and you should be able to find these.

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Hi everyone, this was addressed in Update 93001:

However, any mods that still used the old .pal system now have to be updated.

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w0wzer! no more gray outline behind wall, back to white outline it goes!

@BoardGameFan77 if I wish to make p7 white color, do I just change p7 values to 1.000 for rgb yeah?

Yes, that should do the trick!

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Do the .pal files that are still in the game files still have any effect or impact on the player & unit colors?
I have been finding it very difficult using the spritecolors.json system to replicate some of the color palettes I had made using the .pal system.

Despite countless attempts to update my mod “GABES Vibrant Color Palette” to utilize the new system, I cannot seem to get my p4 yellow and p8 orange colors to match my original mod.
Do you have any advice or tips to help make these colors appear brighter, more vibrant or less shadowed?

Hi there,
The .pal files now only affect the display of SMX graphics. You should include them if you’ve got any mods that still make use of SMX.
I’m afraid spritecolors.json uses a single base color which gets evenly spread across the playercolor mask (similar to what you’d get when using a basic .pal maker tool from 1 color). Individual shades were a byproduct of the palette system, and are not modifiable with this

Speaking of SMX graphics mods, are there any tools to generate .pal files in the correct JASC-PAL format for player colors? I have some SMX graphics mods that I would like to have match the RGBA colors chosen in the .json files.

Hi, I believe this is what you’re looking for.

Hello :). Is there a way to add the modified file “resources/_common/drs/interface/50500.bina” (health bar colors) to my player colors MOD? When I try to upload the .zip, the platform tells me that it is not compatible (only for that file).

Unfortunately it is not possible. Do keep in mind that the 50500.bina is a legacy file, and requests for a possible improvement where this file wouldn’t be required have been logged.

Thanks for responding so quickly, paladin. Looking forward to that improvement :+1: