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While the purpose of this post is to get community feedback the promotional feel is consequential. Thus, reasonable effort to minimize that feel has been employed throughout.

Mercenary Combat Mode
Hire an army and research upgrades using the resources provided at the start of each round.
Out-manoeuvre and overpower the opposition to secure a central objective for your team.
Maintain control for a set length of time or until the enemy surrenders to win a round.
Capturing the site begins that rounds win countdown timer.
Gain control by being the only player/team to have living units at or next-to, the site.
Remain in control by having at least one unit there when the opposition is in the range.
The first team to win the selected number of rounds wins the match
Research and upgrades are permanent, but a new army must be hired each round. The resources scale with player-per-team ratio. ie. 1 v 2 = t1/p1 gets 25000 and t2/p2-p3 get 30000 split between them both. Stone is increased for the Mongol Empire at the expense of other resources Host can select if unspent resources will carry over in addition to the amount provided. The timer can either reset when the team in control changes, or pause and begin counting down from the top for the new team then resume where it left off if control is regained until one team cumulatively runs down the timer to 0
r/aoe4 - Mercenary Combat Mode
Updates Jan. 6th 2023:

New Features:

  • A player will be replaced with A.I when a player quits during an online match :disappointed:(booo!)
  • Pause button added to pause the countdown during the hire period for all players, delaying the availability of the objective to be captured and/or prolonging the window to hire units should the limited hire time option be active.
  • Option to allow all units movement through dense forest areas that block access to objective. Useful if you insist on using a heavily wooded or centrally forested map like hideout or blackforest.
  • A 30 second intro sequence can be turned on or off to visualise the objective for those who refuse to read the description before they ready-up in a multiplayer match. The sequence is especially boring if you’re playing vs a.i only, as the action is specific to each local player.
  • A tuning pack is included now that adds some weapons and minor functionality to certain units- tuning pack not required and almost any tuning mod can be used with the game mode.
  • English arsenal entity visual precache redbox fixed
  • Unlocalised text on Kings and Generals UI tooltips has been localised

As I continue to smooth out intricacies to make the best experience possible any help spotting overlooked or missing aspects is appreciated.

Found and fixed oversights:

Abbasid Dynasty China Mongol HRE
House of Wisdom wings are constructed and related boosts activated Dynasties all activated and boosts applied initial stone provided increased by splitting the difference with gold ie. others-gold=5000&stone=1500/ /mongolciv-gold&stone=3250) elzbach influence bonus activated for production buildings
all wing-specific upgrades are available all unique units and respective upgrades available
all unique units and respective upgrades available currently the generals guard may be used as an official (until a better solution is ready)

Updates Dec. 14th 2022:

  • Fixed Mongol improved production menu access pre/post prayer tent upgrade.
  • More adjustments to ai unit selection.

Updates Dec. 11th, 2022:

  • Added option to disable the ability for players to continue hiring units after the ‘Hire Period’ has completed.
  • Added option to enable/disable buy/sell/trade capabilities within/between markets.
  • Added option to spawn a king that boosts nearby unit stats. Spawns when hire period completes and site becomes capturable.
  • Adjusted AI objective priority and strategic intent for a much better defend/capture interaction focused on the central object.
  • Added some more lobby options this week, including:
  • Custom population limit choice. From 50 - 1,000 units, incrementally.
  • Select how many rounds a player or team has to win in order to win the match.
  • Also adjusted the AI unit selection and spawning process.
  • Expect a few more to be added this weekend.

The game mode is currently fully functional and bug free save ‘out of my hands’ things like sync errors

Currently looking to identify and remedy any of the following:

  • Landmarks that have specific and unique upgrades with influence to a players combat strategy and army performance which cannot be acquired in the initial state
  • buildings that unlock things in other buildings(ie. the Mongolian Ovoo) , also
  • any passive / automatic bonuses (like those from Dynasties.) that a player would have by the equivalent state of progress in a standard match.

r/aoe4 - Mercenary Combat Mode

A couple descriptions of the unique lobby options.

Has scripted A.I that is frequently updated and improved. Although it can be a little too stacked, or dim, sometimes due to the variability of it. So you may prefer to play with friends. No navy at the moment so do not use with water maps/mega random.

The goal is to provide a natural and balanced start to all civs reflecting the state one would be in by that point of progression without just giving all the upgrades for free at start. Retaining the upgrade and research options presented without having to expend time and resources on constructions is vital to the whole combat part of Combat Mode.

Please give feedback at the The official aoe franchise website mod page Let me know what you like, or don’t like, so I can further expand on this working version of the official combat mode :wink:


There was a glitch a couple days ago in the games mod manager. Instead of applying updates to the Mercenary Combat Mode mod, the mod was republished as a duplicate. However, there was no duplicate added to my management interface meaning I cannot unpublish nor update the duplicate. After relaunching I was able to apply the updates to the original version but the duplicate remains frozen in time as it was on that day, the sixth of January 2023.

For the latest features and fixes please search / subscribe to the version published on 2022-12-02.

Hi, was playing round with it the other day was pretty good.

How do you win the round. I played 3 ai’s and felt like they should of one few of the rounds. I got the win

Thank you for the feedback @Heaney74.
Each round is won by taking and keeping control of the central objective by maintaining a military pressence within the vicinity for however long you’ve chosen in the lobby, either in one shot or as a total of time in control. If your opponent kills or lures your units away and moves one or more units in they can claim control and vice versa. As many have expressed, on this forum and others, the AI is not perfect but the devs are certainly in the process of perfecting it.
In lieu of a pvp match you can tinker with the time and army options to find a challenging AI opponent for yourself. I find it can get dicey above 300 population cap especially with a quick win timer. I suggest try a match against a team of 2 AI Hardest at 100 popcap. Ontop of that going with markets disabled, limited hire time on, and win timer reset set to off adds to it.

Update Jan. 18 2023:

  • Consolidated Surender Round, Pause/Unpause, and Tribute Buttons
  • Added two new buttons that open and close detailed displays of each players current stats
    now you can kep track of how much resources your teammates and opponents currently have as well as the amount of each type of unit they have so you can better plan countering. Keep in mind they can see your stats too!

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wow if you can make this mod, how hard can it be to limit the number of villagers?

This sounds interesting I need to give it a try.


It is really cool, good job friend.


Thanks dude! Been a while hey, how is your Conquest mod coming along? Been a bit since I been on but with the new expansion coming I imagine some more updates will be in order.

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Hey @CorpCodfish

I got quite a lot subscribers - it is +3k already and many positive reviews. Some players even asked for XBOX version too; but I don’t have XBOX so I cannot apply to check the results for XBOX gameplay.

I have fixed many red box visual error problems subscribers mentioned recently; but there are still some around - latest one is from Abbasid visuals. Every patch thy change the whole system so the mod is affected a lot that I have changed many files myself as you know.

New expansion looks awesome that I already think to implement new cool ideas and fights but I probably need to create a new project from zero not to work on the new errors again; because AOE4 developers change many subjects again.

I just wish I had some friends to work with me to work on this mod, solo development takes lots of time.

I have become research assistant in aerospace to do my PhD too as I got full scholarship at Cranfield University in UK, so I will become busy again. The Conquest Mod has really nice mechanics, visual models etc that I pushed the limits of the given Content Editor toolbox. For the new expansion, I want to create Byzantines vs Ottoman Empire fights with lots of new units and visuals^^.

How are you too @CorpCodfish friend?

That’s great to hear! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into it so it’s good to know people enjoy the fruit of your labors, eh!
Here is a link to it btw! =)

Same here, just hoping that x compatibility was integrated with support for the mods and, in my case, assuming it works until someone provides feedback that says otherwise XD

:face_exhaling: ikr. It does make it difficult no doubt! That issue seems to have gotten some attention from the guys at Relic since the malian and ottoman release at least. A few months back I noticed this mod had lost it’s locale data and all the text was $:nomodkey or w/e and updating the mod data just rendered it unusable pretty much, sent a email to support and a few days later it had the language data restored. To the best of my knowledge it has worked proper ever since, have gotten very limited feedback unfortunately so for now ‘no news is good news’? lol

Agreed, would be such a bummer to either A) mess something up when updating or B) have to restructure the data entirely or anything like that with the time invested already. Not like we made these mods overnight nor even on the first try XD
Starting fresh with what knowledge has been gained thus-far would be a great opportunity to make something even better. imo.

Maybe we can get something going like that, I know it would be handy to have someone who can create translated locale csv’s for languages other than english even.

Congratulations! Take that same effort into the workplace with you and the sky is the limit!

and me? I’m always doing well, better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow :wink:

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Yes sure^^, I’m really looking forward to working together on this awesome mod. I’m super excited about what we can create as a team. Let’s make something amazing^^.

Unit Holy Order Teuton Cru, The Helmet is always Pre-cached Red Box Visual Error

When I try to add Teuton Knights to HRE or Order of Dragon factions, the helmet part is always in Pre-cached Red Box Visual Error.


In the campaign we can access them; but I could not be able to add it as an extra unit from Content Editor. Would you help me how to fix this please?

Would you test out in your Content Editor with your PC please if you get the same error or not? thank you very much

I’m wondering if you found a fix for that bug? Will check it out when I have some free time this weekend if not

I could not fix it :frowning: