Coming November 14th: Age of Empires IV — The Sultans Ascend

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Lead powerful forces in defense of your homeland in The Sultans Ascend – the exciting new expansion to Age of Empires IV! Experience a brand-new campaign set in the Middle East, or command new civilizations with the Japanese and Byzantines.

Take up arms as the Muslim resistance in the fight against the European Crusaders in the dramatic new single player campaign. Follow the story of well-known Muslim leaders, their struggles with the Crusaders, and the battles they fought.

In addition to a brand-new campaign, this feature-packed expansion includes two completely new playable civilizations, the Japanese and the Byzantines, and four playable variant civilizations which revisit and re-imagine civilizations first introduced in the main release of Age of Empires IV. It also includes ten new maps, new unlockable rewards and more.


I bought the basic version on windows store.
Is it possible to buy this DLC on steam?

Bro i hope you are reading this If civ name doesn't matter at all. You can just remove Age of Empire and called whatever fictional medieval game
and this
Could it be names of variant civs are a riddle from devs?
lets not forget this:POLL: Should the Variant Civilization Names Change? - #378 by MatM1996

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Bro i want to give you some examples about variant civs so you guys make it better.For example you guys added italy to the game its variant can be naples or milan,mongol variant golden horde or timurids not some person or some order i think it should be this way.

But i like the idea of jeanne darc starting as peasent and lvl ups to a warrior its really cool but she is not a civ.Still i will play it so dont change it i want to see what you guys did.(Only the name can be changed)

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I’m assuming the answer is now, given its not plastered everywhere but…Would anyone be able to confirm if the expansion is going to be included in the GamePass subscription? - Not just a slight discount

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you need to buy it separately

Japanese baby, let’s gooooo!

I’m not expecting a ton as far as this civ goes, but as long as it holds its own, I look forward to it.

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does anyone know how can i access to this new dlc as an youtuber ?

by bying it maybe ? :grin:

When will the DLC be available on GeForce Now? Just checked and can’t play w/ the DLC