Coming of the Huns, Allied victory = no victory

Game Version:

  • Build: 38862
  • Platform: Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: AceCard32543944


Scenario “Coming of the Huns” of “Imperium Romanum” campaign, according to instructions, is won when Huns are defeated; but, when the following conditions are met at once, scenario is not declared won:

  • Allied victory activated in Diplomacy
  • Hun Wonder destroyed
  • Every Hun key unit and building destroyed

I tried defeating also the other enemy (Ostrogoths) but victory is not met yet.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Start scenario
  2. Train as many military units as possible
  3. Wait until Huns start building their wonder
  4. Destroy the wonder
  5. Defeat Huns, destroying every unit and building
  6. Defeat Ostrogoths


Here’s the savegame related to this issue, renamed as TXT because .aoegame extension was not allowed:
prova2.aoegame.txt (1,1 MB)


I think there is a general scneario bug. That is in the past if all other players are defeated then the remaining one used to be declared winner. Now scenarios just keep running even with just one player remaining until a trigger actively declares victory (or wonder/relic victory is archived).

Same problem in aoe 2.


There is something jicky with victory conditions on nearly all of the campaigns. We are not sure what the deal is, but there is a bug in the editor that defaults victory conditions to standard instead of individualized for the campaign… Same campaign my brother took down one Hun tower and he won. Some of us are in the process of trying to fix the bugs.


Yes, I know which frustration is bugfixing in software (and game) development. Some bugs are shapeshifters: you fix it, it looks fixed for months, and reappears under another form, again and again…


Same in “Third macedonian war” scenario from “Enemies of Rome” campaign: I selected “Allied victory”, destroyed the enemy government center as required for victory, nothing happened.

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Decius fixed this one I think…

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I think this one is now fixed. You win when you beat the Huns- I did with no Allied Victory marked.

So the scenario is “OK” as it is. HOWEVER, I heard that if you run this campaign and step away from the keyboard based on how the scenario currently is set up, you win by default without ever doing anything. This is because it is a 3 v 2 match with the Huns being on the 2 Player team. You can just start a game (supposedly), walk away, and then your allies will take down the Huns before the Huns destroy all your units and base.

I did not try doing the “Away from Keyboard” strategy myself. However, it seems that your team is overpowered. Of course, it’s better this way than the mission being literally glitched or too hard so that mediocre players can’t win on EASY, IMO.

Here is a comment I left on the amateur fan “AOE1 COMMUNITY” server on Discord:

It seems that all I need to do in the MODERATE-HARDEST Difficulty levels in the AOE DE version is (A) reject the Huns’ Tribute demands and (B) stop the waves of enemy troops that they and the Orange player send at me, and the Huns are defeated in 14-21 minutes.

It seems that this is because your Brown and Yellow allies invade the Hun base for you. It starts as a 2 v 3 match and my Brown ally is much closer to the Huns than I am. The Instructions say that your allies can turn on you if you are too weak. This didn’t happen when I played. Maybe if the Huns overrun your allies’ bases, your allies turn against you, and this is more likely to happen if you tribute the Huns.

Playing on HARDEST, I built a second TC to churn out villagers faster and built only 2-3 towers near the ford southeast of my base where the enemies come through. I start with enough stone (about 1000) to build many more towers there. I figured that I would be strong enough to forget about tributing the Huns. I guess the strategy with tributing them is that they switch you to their ally and then you have time to build up a force to invade their base and destroy their Wonder. They are fighting your allies, so I guess if you tribute them, they will fight your allies instead of you, and then you have to be the Player who sends in your forces to destroy their Wonder instead of your allies doing it, although they will attack you back of course.

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