Common Sense Balance Updates that were supposed to be in since last patch


  • Remove a starting villager, add 100f crate
  • Reduce Hackapellit base Damage by 2
  • Reduce the amount of halberdiers from church card by 2


  • Increase house cost by 5w
  • Decrease base attack of Gurka by 1


  • Reduce Feitorias card effect by 20%. .48f/sec, .24 all other resources per second.


  • Fix Pandour shipment by changing it to Age IV and making it cost 1,000c


  • Increase cost of Blockhouse to 275 Export.
  • Reduce villager build time from Russian Consulate Bonus to 8% from 10%


  • Reduce maximum amount of warriors allowed on the field by 2


  • Increase cost of Deli by 10c.


  • Give +50f starting crate
  • Reduce cost of German Tongue to 425w.
  • Change Factory to being able to be sent twice in one card, with a 250f/250w cost. Can change name to “Order Factory”, since Malta didn’t really historically have factories but it was conceivable that they were “gifted” them by the Order instead.


  • Revert nerf to villager build time +1 second
  • Revert nerf to eco theory by giving it back


  • Increase build time of manor house by 2 seconds.


  • Increase Gatling gun cost by 25c


  • Reduce cost of Kancha house by 5w.

puedo estar de acuerdo con lo de hakkapelita y lo de los pandors (aumentar el coste no que este en edad IV) pero más alla de ello lo demas no me suena muy razonable.

too many changes at once for swedes, do one, see how it impacts things, not 10 at once, then act suprised its useless in most scenarios, the rest really isn’t needed either

It’s literally not too many changes at once. The start is extremely strong with the added villager in the last patch. After two minutes it already pays itself off and it’s simply free resources more than before.

Toning down their momentum is the most important thing right now, so if I had to pick one it’s the first suggestion I mentioned.


you’re still suggesting a triple nerf, a tactic known to be nearly always overboard, i agree with starting vill idea, and there’s no reason not to add a bit to hakkapelits cost, but adding damage reduction on top of this is too far imo

Agree with all except move pandours to age IV, 1k gold in age III is correct.

• Spain:

Buff rods +1 dmg.

Rework Reconquista card.

• Germany:

Add uhlans or more natives units at the new natives shipments.

Some buffs for new useless cards (prince electors, circle army, landwhers card, chevaulegers card…)

• France

Move Ancient regimen card to age I/send a embassy/sinergy with native treaties.

• Ottos

Nerf delis cav.


For Swedes I would just nerf Hakkas hand attack multiplier from all cav to just hand cav.


Feitorias is not OP.

The effects in a vacuum may not be OP but the combination of the port 10/10 and super early FF means that the card turns into a 6 vil-ish card that can be sent in transition to age 3 which hits really early and its strong enough that its banned in the most recent tourney.

The effects can stand if its and age 3 card or there is someway to delay the free tc from being built to a more reasonable timing


Added a few more balance updates that need to go into effect immediately.

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Russia and Spain should get eco theory back.


Absolutely, eco theory wasn’t making either of these civs OP by any means.


Spain and India are fine as is. Capitalism > Eco theory. Their age-2 play is already good.

Russia desperately needs eco theory for sure.

Otto’s deli’s cost isn’t the problem, but rather their rate of attack and attack itself.

Agree with Portugal’s changes.

Sweden’s Hakka needs to be really looked at.

Brits have their own sub-forums, so the omission is okay.


We can agree to disagree on Spain. I just feel like it was taken away for no good reason, they weren’t so strong that eco theory needed to be removed. But out of all of the other changes for other civs, this one is the “least urgent” I would say.

As for the Deli, a slight cost increase will keep overall less coin stockpiled for Ottos, so it does make a difference without breaking anything. I would venture to say +10 coin cost, this way the unit is untouched but the eco needs to work noticeably harder to produce the unit.

British are surprisingly still very strong despite the -100f start, but I don’t feel like they are so-obviously-broken like Sweden, India, China, and Portugal are right now.


Otto doest care about its coin eco, especially in TP builds so a small cost increase isn’t cutting it.

The fundamental problem is that its stats are way above what that class of unit should be.

It has the DPS of an uhlan while having the HP and cost structure of a hussar

The only way it can be balanced with its current stats is if you a) jack up the cost or b) have it cost the way uhlans cost - more gold then food


第二,事实上我也认为这张卡片足够让葡萄牙强度上升好几个档次,应当得到削弱。应当从削弱Feitorias给予的资源量下手,或者削弱葡萄牙10/10的fast fortress战术。经过计算,执行fast fortress战术的葡萄牙能够在6分钟内通过Feitorias这张卡片获得超过7位村民的固定产能

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即便不依靠hakk 这种OP的单位,瑞典的强度也是极高的

Capitalism is better in short term that Economic theory but not in lategame. That hurts a lot in treaty balance, why someone would choose Spain if Mexico has lancers and a better economy??

PD: Chinacos need a nerf…


I’m not sure if Chinacos need a nerf, gotta look at the civ’s potential overall. If you’re talking Treaty then we shouldn’t balance around that. Chinacos can be OP in certain situations like most units in the game, and treaty means most if not all cards will have been sent for them.

Hoping they get out a PUP no later than today. Absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be able to fix the broken elements of the game 2+ years on and keep breaking more just as others get fixed.

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