Communication Ideas for the Future of this Game

There is a common, or at least I think it’s common, complaint that communication between AOE4 team/promoters is lackluster. And while there are several platforms the AOE4 team uses to relay messages to us, I think being spread so thin trying to interact with all those platforms MIGHT be adding to the problem.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Prioritize having information be presented FIRSTLY on your Insider site AND Tweeter; everything else comes next (discord, reddit, etc ).
  2. Use Preliminary patch notes to keep the HYPE going in between patches AT least in between major monthly patches! Preliminary means you release an overview of the changes coming a day or MORE before the actual patch drops. It will give your community something to ■■■■■ about and TRUST we loovve to ■■■■■, I mean come on KEKW.
  3. More Dev talks and/or dev notes as it relates both to patch changes and direction of civs/units etc, directions of maps etc. I would argue twice a month… but that might be greedy? Also it doesn’t have to be a VOD each time, a blog I believe would be appreciated; we would read it and ■■■■■ just the same as if it were watched, I pinky promise!

Those are the 3 ideas I can think of to improve communication and keep the community juices flowing. Oh, and tease cryptic tweets and what not of much later future developments. Say like you’re gonna add civ and you post a picture of a special harvesting tool used by that civ BUT you it slightly obscured by an assortment of other random non civ specific harvesting tools; followed by a nebulous caption : “Which hoe is reliable?”

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