I just wanted to know how the devs will engage community throughout the Age of Empires IV development.

As Adam Isegreen said before, community is a very important pillar to them, and since we are pretty far from a release date, and i’m quite sure there won’t be a big beta of the game (they had been working already with an small community group for over a year) i was wondering about the rest of us that won’t be so lucky to put their hands on the game how can we know if we are actually being heard aswell.

I’ve seen plenty of ideas and suggestions here and there. I know everybody at Relic’s and Microsoft aswell are really bussy, but it would be nice if Devs respond from time to time, to at least let us know that they read or at least know about our concerns of the game.

The fact that we don’t actually be able to play the game doesn’t mean that we cannot help either in other ways!

The trailer was really short, but was enough for the community to scream clear and loud about their concerns with the saturarion and colours.

Maybe we won’t be able to get our hands in the game before it’s release. But delivering a vídeo from time to time showing us the game can also be a good way to get some feedback from the community without having to make a huge beta for it.

I know Microsoft has been conservative about showing Age IV but you might want to think, at least a bit, what i have proposed.


Yes, and put bloody toggle in the game for turning blood/gore on and off!! What the ■■■■ is this Adam?


A wrong section maybe? O.o

That is just a standard speech of a director, they dont care about what we write here.
They will follow their original plan and sell it as something tailored by the community.
You wont see a single developer here in this forum exchanging ideas or interacting (unless someone command him to do so to keep the apearences)…


I don’t know if is like that or not, but at least i will give it a try. You would never know if you don’t try .

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I’d also like to see any sort of response from the dev team, it shows that you care about us who will eventually buy your product.

We can help out as well, but they need to have more interaction with us in order for us to help out.


They already have the right community of fans and players playing and testing AOE4. I’m glad they do not this openly, imagine if all the people who cry about graphics and want realistic simulation in the game take part on it. It would be a disaster.

Why? Everyone can shareware his opinion


The current graphics are a disaster

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That’s why i suggested more videos instead a beta key. At least they could gather a general view about certain aspects of the game. Not saying they should take it ultra seriously in every opinion but at least it would help as a glimpse of how some people will take on some new features of the game

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You havent seen the new graphics yet in finished form or up close.

Turn down a bit the saturation, it should help, dark colours make it a little bit more realistic, besides it just change colours and nothing else and the style you hate will be the same.

I’m happy with the current graphics so not a problem for me.

Yup, if we think about it, we haven’t seen anything at all yet. Just a mere glimpse of a whole game that is an alpha stage, and still, can change A LOT, even in radical forms before it’s release.

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Neither you, yet, you defend it as if you made it yourself…