Community Plaza Rework

Most Native Civilisations feel kinda underpowered while some aspects like Fire Ceremony are crazy strong.

My idea is

  • Limit for Community Plaza form 1 to 2
  • Maximum workers from 25 to 10
  • Overall ceremony efficiency per worker x1.5
  • Both Community Plazas can’t have the same ceremony
  • Two ceremonies that provides Coin and Food in Imperial Age that are only slightly less efficient that Estate or Farm.

Now you need 5 less villagers to dance and the overall.
In early game your Ceremonies are 1.5 as efficient and help with booming.
You can have two different Ceremonies at the same time making some ceremonies more viable like the one for Skull Knights.
Every single ceremony can’t be too powerful anymore because they can only have the efficiency of 15 villagers (10 x 1.5)
The two Imperial Age ceremonies reduce micro because you don’t have to move your Villagers between Farms and Ceremony all the time. They only save a little wood in Imperial Age.

This could make Inca or potentially the Haudenosaunee OP so that has to be counter balanced for them.

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I like these suggestions. Especially having two Community Plaza’s would go a long way to improving the feature.

This would certainly make Community Plaza more powerful, but I don’t think that is desired. It is powerful enough already, in some situations already too powerful.

In my opinion only the Aztec currently feel a bit underpowered, the others are completely fine. Aztecs have a very strong rush and good scaling for their super-unit Eagle Runner Knight, but other than that there is a big gap between the former and the latter in which Aztec usually just falls on it’s face and dies. If Community Plaza is somehow buffed, I think it should only be buffed for Aztec.