Compilation of the stupid and funny things you can find in Unknown map (WIP)

No. What happened that was truly unholy?

I got spies for free lol.
Pretty sure my opponent thought i was hacking.

I don’t recall that being a thing…

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that awkward moment when Unknown becomes self aware and generates its own techs and probabilities


Today I learned training Samurai from a dojo as USA is OP as all hell. Had a blast.


This must be how Microsoft is integrating AI into the game, we are playing against…Bing


Coming: Minimap with Pixar films ads made of wooden walls

As long as pixar/disney’s m​i​l​*​s​​​​​​​ are displayed in the ads.


I found in the scenario editor the “unknow drummer” who plays the first notes of the main theme of age of empires 3 when he moves :rofl:

It also has a power that has the “regiment lock formation” sprite from the game’s alpha.


There is a drummer unit from the legacy scenario editor. It has a corrupted “create army” ability with no real functions.
This unknown version seems to be a meme based on that unit.


In my opinion, Drummer should become a unit available in all Royal Houses (not just Hannover Royal House). Ensign, which also appears in the Scenario Editor, should also be available in the Royal Houses.

crazy unknown start.age3Yrec (11.3 MB)

This combination of starting conditions is rather unlikely and quite crazy.

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