Compilation of the stupid and funny things you can find in Unknown map (WIP)

Feel free to add yours:

  1. Start with a buccaneer captain, and the map has treasure ships as gold mines.

  2. Start with an Usman dan Fodio, a Watch Tower with campaign Morocco/Berber units and techs.

  3. Capture-able Big Benny

  4. Building wagon treasures.

  5. Trainable hot air balloon at TC.

  6. Start with a coal mine, and can train miners (max: 5, trained in parallel) which mines 3x faster.

  7. Start with a depot wagon and can train them at TC.

  8. Knife thrower outlaw.

  9. Start with a native embassy, sometimes with special allies:
    Buccaneer: blowgunner (outlaw) and buccaneer; unique techs.


The funniest one I remember was nitroglycerin petards spawn around my TC that then blew it up.


There is a small chance of finding capturable bennies but not as a treasure.

I am looking forward to this thread though lol


I’m still trying to figure this one out.

It’s such a specific treasure, that the guardians and trickle rate must mean something.

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If you get a depot spawn sometimes you get access to a super jacked campaign hoop thrower that has x5 against infantry and x4 against heavy infantry

It does x20 against jans effectively


How so? The damage multipliers are additive.

it should be multiplicative since say the multipliers of skirm vs goons are 2.5 x0.6 =1.5

so in this case if it was x5 vs infantry and x4 vs heavy infantry so to heavy infantry it should be 4x5 = 20

Have I forgotten already how this game works? Lol

Anyway I know it’s bugged currently… shouldn’t be 4 and 5 but I’m not sure when/if they’ll patch it

oh so it isnt intentional lol, considering that they cant be upgraded tbh I would keep it just for the memes.

It always turns into a “why did all my musks and skirms just die” moments

Unintentional… a result of someone randomly changing their multipliers without notifying me. The heavy infantry multiplier is unintentional iirc

Hoop Throwers now got a general modifier against Heavy Infantry. I assumed it was meant to replace the invisible Janissary bonus but it’s possible someone forgot to.

yeah at some point, Hoop Throwers in the campaign got a flat 1.5x vs all Heavy Infantry.

Got one I have never seen before

Its a map where you start with an extra tc, which I have seen before, but with a catch.

TCs up to a certain amount are all starting TC, meaning every tc you build spawns the starting resources and vils

Also you can train 5 pilgrims which I have seen before and start with this colonial militia that is also a vil.

kinda of a hilarious boom


Started out with two commandry wagons “Meh” I thought until I saw a train cap of 20 settler wagons. Unfortunately, I was playing Italy so I really couldn’t take advantage of them.

The absolute stupidest thing I added hasn’t been discovered yet afaik… iirc the odds are approximately 1/100k xD


En tout cas la carte unknow est celle que je joue le plus, j’adore démarrer sur cette génération de cartes procédurale et en plus avec une civs au hasard sinon ça ne serais pas drôle :smiley:


I wish I could get this one more often because I absolutely love the look of the Moroccan units. Most likely the closest we’ll get to a fully fleshed-out civ for supremacy. A little tease.


With a capybara who explains in the dialog box how it works ^^

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another one I havent seen before

Its a command post start but the age up cost is insanely cheap, like 160 to age to age 2 at like an insane speed


Is it something triggered upon reaching imperial age? Something truly unholy happened when i did just now.