Complete presentation of civilizations

I would like to ask experienced players. Those who are proficient in translation could have created a handbook for each nation.

What are the advantages of any civilization and many more.

Who can do it is a fighter for me !!!
It would help everyone and especially novices to know all civilizations.

thank you all in advance who will try.


That would be cool. It will take some time for ppl to come up with something like that.
Gotta take match ups, maps and several other things into consideration and the meta constantly changes too. But I am sure we may see something like that coming up in the future.
A player with the name of godspeed made a brilliant guide to aoe3 in the past which had in consideration all civs timings, their strongest and weakest points, match ups, strategies.

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Well, maybe someone can summarize it.

I just want to see all the civilizations on paper.
Their advantages: economic, military, defensive, offensive, strategic, buildings of influence and more.

It would be very interesting …

I keep my fingers crossed for everyone who tries to …

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I would give it a go if I was actually good at the game!

They announce a book that will have all the information related to the launched game.

But, books do not update well and as patches and other modifications will get there, the book will become eventually obsolete.

But again, to start the game, to learn it in the first few months, this book will be helpful. I plan to buy it even if it is only available 2 months after release.

Afaik the game will launch with specific civ tutorial scenarios, so the game will teach you about each civ’s strength.

There’s a few on my youtube channel for the Rus, Mongols, and French. Pre-Release Guide to the French in Age of Empires 4 - YouTube