Complete World Map of all AoE2 Civilizations after Mountain Royals (1 November 2023)

It’s the best AoE2 world map I found. Updated with Mountain Royals.
The map is from Reddit and belongs to user u/Gaudio590.

There’s also a few DLC suggestions in the bottom right corner. Nevermind the names of the DLCs, those are pure placeholders.


Burgundians covers southeast france, and southern nertherlands. Central and northern netherlands is Teutons belonging to the HRE :wink:
Edit: currently the Teutonic order is still settled down in Utrecht with its medieval castle and all. We have recently rediscovered the palace of the HRE-emperor (Lofen - Wikipedia). This city has been linked to the HRE for a long time until far into AoE3. So in AoE2 in this map it should definitely be yellow including its colonial areas in northeastern netherlands (Oversticht). And the Gelre (Gelderland) area also belonged to HRE. Instead the southern netherlands from below the rivers plus Zeeland plus Holland (western coast strip) are Burgundians.

Also Malians has many southern and eastern neighbours in western africa with potential. There were many wars and jihads between neighbours trying to take over. Like Kano (Hausa), Akan, Benin, Songhai, Igbo, Kanem, Ghana, Yoruba.

In southern africa below the Sahara and to the east of the Sahel: Kongo, Lunda, Bachwezi, Zimbabwe. These are Bantu kingdoms.

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The Burgundies correspond literal to the Dutch. The campaign takes place most of parts there. The Flemish militia further testifies, that we are talking about the Dutch here. The unique castle has a hint of an orange pink color, like a Belgian waffle :cookie:

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Seriously? i’m from the netherlands from the Bishopric prince city of Utrech. We have an immense long history with the Holy Roman Empire. The emperor Henry the fifth bestowed citizens rights on in 1122. Last year we had a massive celebration of 700 years being a city, when it was part of the Holy Roman Empire. And has been until deep into the colonial times until the 80 years war with Spain.
Only Holland, Zeeland, Brabant, Limburg and todays Belgium are Burgundians. All the other todays provinces belong to todays Teutons.
This is the real history even wikipedia can tell you this how the southern part of the greater netherlands belonged to the lords of Burgundy. And how the northeastern parts belonged to the ####### of the HRE.

Even today we still see this cultural difference with the river Rhine as the border between cultures, people and religion. The north is protestant and has more teutonic architecture when you visit the old cities.
The south instead is intensely catholic and has even language affinity or speaks flemish or french or french influenced dialects like Limburg areas. They are Burgundian and Frankish in culture.

This is the peak map of the Burgundian lords even obtaining Gelre (Gelderland). This does not include Utrecht, Overijssel, Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland.

Actually Limburg used to belong to Luxembourg which is also HRE to complicate it even further :joy:

This is what the campaign is about:–83
So it seems it went back and forth many times.

But before these times in the early medieval times history started with this city as a vatican of the netherlands, crusading against all the german pagans under Willibrord sending missionaries and armies to convert them all.

The Burgundies definitely have a Dutch feel to the game. Look at this beautiful castle.

The map is meant to depict upto Mountain Royals, yet it shows Armenians in wrong location. The Armenians are based upon the Cilician Kingdom not the Bagratid.