Completely lacking clans and community aspect

Microsoft really dropped the ball on clans and a community aspect to this game and there DE remasters… Creating a clan and building up a community of friends to play with Ensemble did really well, i personally thought when they released 3. Later the public chats died and so did many of the clans. But when the game started it was probably its biggest strength and kept people engaged even if they weren’t pro RTS gamers… I miss being able to recruit members and make a thriving clan. We had officers who would help train lower level players and built a ground up community with the platform they provided. All Age4 provides is a small button on the bottom to “add friends”… No devising strategies with clan members… organizing clan vs. clan battles… No public/private chat rooms… No recruiting new members… No trying to raise your clans rankings…

This game seems heavily targeted at solo competitive rts gamers. It seems decently balanced and polished but they just ignored so much i thought made Age3 so great. The Community and the platform to build it!! Now I average 2 games, get bored and log off. What an oversight…


Sort of agree on clans and disagree on community.

Community in game isn’t a thing anymore, we are all connected 24 hours a day to 2-3 different social media communities, plus discords, plus Twitch, plus Steam friends list if you happen to use Steam, nobody has time to build another one in game.

All the things you remember fondly, you can still do them on the official AoE discord. MS could invest a year developing community tools in game and it wouldn’t have half the features a discord server has, so what’s the point?

Clans and a clan ladder they could add for ■■■■■ and giggles. And let clans advertise their Discord links.


Its true we are in a different age (pun intended) then when AOE3 released. But, I feel like age of empires and rts games in general are not your everyday gamer sort of games. It’s not like Call of Duty where every person i know has heard of it and played it in some form or another. Its a niche game within a niche genre. The more connected you make these players, the more activity your going to have. Why rely on a third party, when these features have already been perfected and are quite easy to implement for the most part. Its text based chat and clan pages… I’m not asking for servers built ground up for voice chat or some revolutionary new community system. But, relying on every person to have a vast list of friends hosted by a third party, who actively play a game like this seems like wishful thinking.

At the minimum they need to really push players to join discord then, adding basic links to the multiplayer screen and promote different ways to connect with other active players. Or even overlay this forum/website on a different tab within the multiplayer screen. Here i am closing the game down and using my browser just to discuss the game with other people.

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I logged on the very second the game went live to reserve my clan name. Was very upset to see that wasn’t a feature implemented in yet.


I did the same thing. Had a lot of ideas and was ready to jump in and start recruiting my new crew for this title… But nothing… Does anyone know if even a basic clan tag option is in development?

Not only this, but I struggle to understand how in-game chat functions, since there doesn’t seem a way to customize the audience of your messages.

I also noticed this. However i have had players somehow chat with the whole lobby not sure how they achieved this. 3 you would place a * in the front of the message and would send it to everyone.

When you are typing in game press ‘tab’ and it changes it from team to all etc. Not sure if you can message an individual though. What I found dumb is it defaults to tab every time you reopen the chat with enter. Even on a 1v1 game where there is no team I’m forced to keep pressing tab after enter to set it to ‘all’.


Im starting to think Relic just doesnt care about clans… Ive done a lot of searching just looking for one article or ANYTHING that mentions clans… Nothing, we don’t even get a section in discord. I cant even communicate my dissapointment in words… What a waste… For Clan organizers early days are a PREMIUM for recruiting, activity, and training with new members… Really feel like they gave the finger to those of us who dedicate large amounts of time to keeping their community active and engaged… :roll_eyes: