Composer Mikolai Stroinski working on AOE4

He has worked on games like Witcher 3 and Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Announcement here:

His resume here:


That’s really cool actually and is heartening to get an update on the development.


good appreciatted content. Ty for share.


Oh, @IamDalv You are our spy. You always know who is doing what, they should just hire you as their spokeperson.

Anyways, another reason to believe that this game hasn’t been cancelled. People! This game is gonna be awesome. The composer has given Witcher 3 soundtrack, and will give Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack too. Can’t wait, at least I know this game will sound good.


but, maybe he IS their spokesperson and working in here undercover

……oh snap! (That would be awesome if he/she is)

Why not bring back Stephen Rippy? I hope he’s involved in some way in the project.

it’s time to make something better.

I think this Tweet could also be interesting:

Robeyonekenoby has ended his work on Age of Empires few days ago.

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As far as I know, Robeyone was working on AoEDE and not AoE4.


I may sound like a ■■■■. But, is he a developer? If no, then Keep calm and wololo! This is business. People come and people go, only the product is important.

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I didn’t want to make negative guesses about Age of Empires, just because a person stopped working on this game. I rather think it’s a good sign for AoE to see something is happening there and people are talking about this.

But probably you are right. Maybe I should be a bit more patient :smiley:

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Sorry if my thing came to you any negative way.

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