Composite Bowman 100% Accuracy is just ridiculous

Just no, this is ridiculous. What’s the point of missing Thumb Ring if they are 100% accurate? Sure their fire rate is not as crazy, but it’s still broken. The Arbalester has 90% Accuracy, this unit should be the exact same. If they had a slower fire rate, combined with a chance to miss it should make it at least a little more fair. A unit that ignores armor, has 100% Accuracy, and fairly cheap cost. Flat out broken.

Both bracer and archer ring armor should be removed if they have 100% Accuracy. That would at least make them low ranged, glass cannons.

I think we need to see how it plays out in practice before jumping to conclusions. It’s terrible against siege and bad against other ranged units, so I’m really not convinced it’ll be broken.


Thumb Ring also improves rate of fire.
In many cases that effect is a lot more impactfull then the accuracy change.


warwagons and genoese crossbowmen also have 100% accuracy
mangudai and camel archers have 95%
some other units have 90% (eg elite skirmishers)
all of these are basically uneffected by the improved accuracy of thumbring

They should be bad against britons since britons can out range them considerably (7 range vs 12 elite longbow range)

Asking for a nerf of a unit before its release is just ridiculous.


Dealing 8 damage against every unit is kinda insane tho

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Accuracy really only matters when its either very long range (longbow) Or atrocious like CA and hand cannons . foot archers rarely worry about accuracy because they arent hard to mass either. If cav archers were as easy to get a mass of their accuracy issues wouldnt be as big a deal


I like how people without early access are ranting about a “broken” unit, when no one with early access (and even done testing) called them broken.

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Always a good rule of thumb, but at least some of the unit interactions are pretty obvious, and in those interactions I think it’s excessively strong, e.g. vs. Huskarls, Eagles, Skirms, and probably even cav. But remains to be seen how everything interacts at the civ level.

I don’t think it’s a good unit design, but 100% accuracy is not the problem.

Hera calls it OP right here:

Which doesn’t prove anything in and of itself, other that there isn’t unanimity among pros/those with early access. The only other commentary I’ve watched on the new civs is from T90, and he seems very intentional about withholding judgment.

There was another thread about this, but my contention is more that the unit is poorly designed than that it is OP (although it seems likely to be OP as well). But that’s my opinion and not anything I expect to prove objectively, or convince others of.


yeah, i agree with this. ignoring all armour is kinda weird as it just means that getting armour upgrades is pointless. something that should be a good habit is just a waste. I also dislike the lecai for this reason