Composite Bowman is from AoE1?

I noticed it’s animation matches, its name matches, and even arrow direction matches. Did they just port the unit with a cape?

Definitely not the case. The AoE1 version looks like this:

Whereas the AoE2 version looks like this:

They might’ve just reused the animation and flight path to link it to the AoE1 equivalent, but it’s a lot more than just adding a cape, the entire model looks different. Even the bow itself isn’t the same.


There are several things in this DLC, which seems to be inspired from AoE1 beside composite bowman, such as mule cart works almost like aoe1 storage pit and Svan Towers tech basically turns your towers into ballista towers.

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Mule cart is 50% AoM norse wagon 50% Storage pit


I wouldn’t go that far. Ballista Towers are more akin to Bombard Towers: high damage with a low fire rate while requiring a Government Center/University tech to be researched before you can research the tech that unlocks the upgrade/building itself.

If anything I think they look like longbows reskinned.

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Longbows reskinned with AOE Bowman Animation

Bombard towers are stronger compare to aoe1 ballista tower. You could say in order to be comparable aoe1 ballista tower strength in aoe2 then tower should do about 30-40 damage per shot.

AoE1 ballistas only hit a single target and have no passthrough damage.

Realistically all archers should shoot like this. The exception is long range and many rows deep, where those in back rows that can’t aim between their comrades will fire something overhead because firing something is probably better than nothing, you might get a lucky hit and just add to the barrage of projectiles. Crossbows shots arcing is extra weird.

So currently it’s the only AoE2 archer that shoots like a real archer would.


Helepolis with pass through damage would be op overkill :wink:

The AoE2 Scorpion has a lot lower damage then the AoE1 Helepolis.
I like the concept of the Scorpion a lot more though.
The pass through damage is an interesting version of AoE damage.

There are a lot of small cool things in AoE2 that I wish could be brought back to AoE1 (they already did it with things like formations, trade and gates).