Computer AI on hardest Please fix

Please make AI on the hardest level be a bit smarter, have them use trebuchets from a distance when breaking our walls or gates. I am seeing them just bring their units and getting killed at the door while our towers and castles are doing a number on them.

Why not have AI go a different way when they see areas are guarded real good with castles and towers?

Why not have AI attack from a distance using trebuchets because all i see now is rams?


So i would love to see in short future patch with “extreme” difficulty for AI. The “Hardest” we actually have is a joke


There is no word from the devs on A.I. development sadly. Not even a roadmap. Low priority maybe.

And the ones that we have are (if i’m not mistaking) scripted in some way. They do mostly the same strategy.

And because they are (or i suspect they are) when a new patch hits on some dificulties they break up if the patch contradicts one of the scripted situations. Or if the strategy they are using gets nerfed.

They just have to teach it to ram rush every game and remove retreat.

yea the retreat behavior is a huge weakness. Say four AI spearmen find my trebuchet unprotected in the open, they rightfully start burning it down. But if I start pulling it back and support it with five spearmen, suddenly the AI is like oh ■■■■ we can’t win this, abandon mission. Even though finishing destroying the trebuchet is worth losing all four spearmen for. . . even if there’s just 5hp left on the trebuchet and they could throw one more torch and pull back without losing any spearmen, they don’t do it.

And AI teams don’t cooperate, they just do whatever they want like noobs. Two AI could be pushing with rams at the same time, in the same bottleneck, and choose to ram down separate wall segments. Or I destroy their first push, wall is at 30%, and their second push instead of finishing the 30% wall they start on a random different segment. How much intelligence does it take to attack the weakest wall segment?

They skirmish way too much. Their aggression can be exploited, especially on big maps when their entire army is constantly away from base. I routinely crush AI before they can even react. They don’t scout properly or react to encroaching threats.

They don’t understand the value of sacred sites on certain maps. Maps with one or two sites can easily be captured and walled off while the AI is busy doing its skirmish behavior.

And as already mentioned they don’t understand siege at all. It’s like playing a tower defense. They just walk through range of towers and keeps for no gain. You can exploit it by giving them an opening. You could have a wall 20 segments long with no defenses along it, then an opening with 10 towers around it. AI tries to walk through the opening before realizing they could bust down the unprotected wall.


Yea Hardest AI is pretty stupid. I did siege only challenge playing as french against abbasids and only going for Ribauldequin, Springalds and Bombards. Guess what? AI lost. For the first half they couldn’t get through my walls. And I was easily sniping their rams.

This test also told me how terrible Ribauldequin as a unit is. I had to make 12 Ribauldequin and 8 Springalds to keep units away from siege.

I agree this is a way the AI can be exploited, but if someone wants more of a challenge, they can always choose to not do it.

They could also choose to play a different game entirely.