Concept Game Mode: Siege Mode

Concept Game Mode: SIEGE MODE

Solo/Team Game
Race to 2 wins
Every game lasts for 7 minutes
1 Defender and 1 Attacker

Objective options:
1.Defends the central keep until 8 minutes
2.Kill the opponent’s King


  1. The defender starts with Walls(x5 health) and Stone towers(x5 health with springald emplacement) surrounding his base
  2. Central keep has no upgrades and it is surrounded by wooden walls
  3. Cannot use springalds and culverins
  4. Gets 1 ticket of emergency repairs every 30 enemy units killed

Objective options:

  1. Destroy the Central Keep before 8 minutes
  2. Kill the opponent’s King


  1. Starts with 3 trebutchet(x5 health) health, 3 rams(x5 health) and 5 siege towers with that can attach to the wall and serve as pathways for the infantries
  2. Infantries can capture the defenders gate if they are at the stone wall ramparts
  3. Cannot use springalds and culverin
  4. Gets 1 spawn ticket (can choose to spawn either 1 springald, 1 ram or 2 siege towers every 30 enemy units killed


  1. Both players starts with no villagers
  2. Both players starts at castle age and cannot age up to imperial
  3. Both players starts with 200 pop, 5000 Food 2500wood, and 2500 food
  4. Both players will spend their resources to produce their starting unit composition (infantry, cavalry and mangonel only) before the game starts
  5. Both players already have castle upgrades researched for all their units.
  6. Both players have 5 military schools at the back of their base that produces units every 10 seconds (can only produce castle age units)
  7. Both players have kings that acts like a mehter with x10 health and heals the nearby units like the king of the abbey of kings.

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