[CONCEPT] The Seven Cities of Cibola (EL DORADO) - Concept by GoldenArmorX - April 1st


Concept v1.01 by GoldenArmorX

1).- Ages - Language - Architecture

I - Goth Settlement - Old Goth
II - Nahuat-Goth City - Goth-Nahuatl
lIII - Gilded City.- Goth-Nahuatl
IV - Imperial Gilded City - Nahuatl

Arquitecture: Nahuatl architecture, similar to the Aztec, with the difference that the buildings become more golden each time one advances in age. They build Monasteries instead of Aztec Temples.


2).- Synopsis

During the year 713, the invasions of the Islamic empire into the Gothic kingdom forced the Christian population to migrate north. However, a group of colonists led by 7 bishops considered another alternative: Migrating to the sea, in search of reaching the Indies safely.

From there they would accidentally reach the coasts of America, founding the first European colonies in the new world. Since then, there would be no more news of these colonies, until in 1528, according to the stories of 4 survivors of Pamphilus of Narvaes’s expedition, the priests managed to find large gold mines, and founded golden cities, difficult to find but a wonder. visual for anyone who has managed to set foot in them.

This was confirmed by Estevanico the Moor and Father Mark of Nicaea. Unfortunately the Spaniards did not find the cities again. It is believed that they were destroyed by internal wars before they could be reached, a period that would coincide with the fall of the Mississippi culture. The theory of the smallpox plague transmitted by that first contact is also a valid hypothesis.

In this concept, it is re-imagined what the civilization could have been like considering the chronicles found and the remains of ruins left by the possible internal war based on the advances of modern archeology.


Religious / Quality/ Alchemy**

  • Villagers have improved gold collection by age between 10%/15%/20%/25%
  • You can build early monks, who can turn everything into gold.
  • Access to Gilded Technologies, which have more powerful effects than normal ones.
  • Golden soldiers occupy more population but are more useful than the basic ones.
  • Automata can be produced in the Castle Age, they replace villagers in their work, and there are also military types, which act as siege weapons.
  • Relics generate 0.5 more gold (1.5X).

Gothic-Nahuatl Goldsmiths

  • Combining their desire for gold and the Nahuatl workforce, villagers collect gold faster and harder, and improve by age: 10%/15%/20%/25%

Christian Alchemists

  • You can build Gilded Bishops from the dark ages (I) in urban centers. They generate gold automatically and can be used to defend the city from enemies by transmuting them.

Gilded Technologies

  • Technologies in their Gilded version have a more powerful effect than normal ones. The economic ones that improve 15%, now improve 22.5%. Blacksmithing improved +1, now it improves +1.3. Those at University that improve 20%, now improve 30%. Of course, they all cost extra Gold. If you develop the Gilded version after the normal one it only increases the extra bonus (like the Mongols). They do not have Gilded technology for the Mining Camp (It would be redundant).

Gilded Warriors

  • Golden warriors occupy more population but are more powerful than their common Nahuatl or Mayan counterparts.


  • You can produce military automata in the siege machinery workshop. There are several types.

Gilded Relics, Gilded charity

  • Relics are plated in more gold, and due to the gold economy, they generate even more gold from the faithful.


Golden Jaguar Warriors

– Golden Jaguar Warriors.- Heavy infantry, good against infantry. It occupies 2 of the population.
HP:260/300/350, Attack:13/16/20, vs Infantry +13/+/16/+20, Atk Speed:1,325, Speed:1,375, Armor: 4/5 → 5/6 (IV) , cost 240f 80g

Many Nahuatl and Mayan civilizations worshiped the jaguar or used it as a symbol for their soldiers and priests, the civilization of the 7 cities could not be left behind and created their own body of golden jaguar guards. Drawing on their European knowledge of forging, their armor and combat skill were superior to those of the early natives. Although also due to the low birth rate caused by the alchemical transmutation gases, the number of army troops was always reduced.

Golden Atlat Launcher

– Golden Atlat Launcher.- Ranged light infantry, good against archers. It occupies 2 of the population.
HP:110/135/160, Attack:12/16/20, vs ranged +13/+/16/+20, Atk Speed:1,325, Speed:1,375, Armor: 4/5 → 5/6 (IV), cost 160f 80g

The Atlat was a weapon from ancient times that continued to be used in the New World even until the arrival of the Spanish. Many Nahuatl and Mayan civilizations held this weapon in high esteem, to the point that gold spears were found as religious objects of several of these peoples. The civilization of the 7 cities perhaps used these golden spears more easily than the rest, having the largest supply of gold in the area.

Golden Eagle Warriors

– Golden Eagle Warriors.- Shock infantry, good against cavalry, and somewhat against archers. It occupies 2 of the population.
HP:240/280/320, Attack:11/14/18, vs Cavalry +20/+/28/+36, Atk Speed:1.5, Speed:1.5, Armor: 2/5 → 3/7 (IV) , cost 160f 160g

The eagle has been a sign of glory and power over other terrestrial creatures for many cultures and many civilizations have used the animal as a symbol for their guards or even military banners. The Roman Empire, the Holy Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire, Spain and even Tenochtitlan used this symbol. It was generally linked to the nobility. The golden eagle knights of the 7 cities were powerful fighters reminiscent of the martial arts of the old world, especially for dismantling cavalry, although this will no longer be present in the area.

Gilded Llama Knight.

– Gilded Llama Knight.- Gilded Llama Knight. Powerful tank against archers and sieges, but slow due to the weight of gold. It occupies 2 of the population.
HP:300/405, Attack:25/29, vs archers:+15/+20, vs siege:+15, Atk Speed:1,325, Speed:1,375, Armor: 4/5 → 5/6 (IV), cost 200f 280g
– Gilded Lama (Passive): Take 50% less siege damage.
– Lama sturdiness (Passive): Unit moves 50% faster while climbing slopes.

Gilded Llama Knight 02cec224753576ded6b2240c096cae45

With Llamas obtained from the marine trade exchanges with the peoples of South America, these Llama knights are powerful and firm. They are only limited by the weight of the gold, but if they reach their enemy, the worst burden of their lives awaits them.

Gilded Automat

– Golden Automata.- Siege unit and automaton. It has high Armor and HP. Gold is still a soft metal, so it is not indestructible. Strong against buildings and light units. Weak against springald and powerful attacks. 3 population.
HP:450, Attack:45 (Gilded Sword), 70 (Siege Onslaught), Rof:2.125 sec, Speed:1.00, Armor: 10/35, cost:300s,900g


It is speculated that this society managed to reach a high technological level, to the point that many of its ornaments found by Mayan traders in golden human statues, actually represent golden battle automata. It is unknown whether the golden animal statues were animal automatons or animals turned into gold, but in both cases perhaps these were only for decorative purposes.

Gilded Ships

Gilded Ships.- Golden version of warships: Golden Canoe, Golden War Canoe. They have more HP, but they are slower.

The Seven Cities employed Gilded ships to religious and warfare issues. The technology they use to keep the golden boats floating in the water is unknown, but it must have existed to have so many artistic representations of golden boats.

Gilded Bishop

Gilded Bishop.- Special religious unit from the first age. It can heal and constantly generate gold through the alchemical transmutation technique. As a defense they can use the transmutation technique on enemies, although it only partially paralyzes them, although permanently.

  • Partially transmute: Spraying transmuting chemicals on enemies turns their heads into gold, but only on their skin, reducing their movement and attack speed by 90% for 1 minute. 3 charges, 1 attack every 2 seconds, Cowldown (3 charges): 60 sec.

Due to the isolation with Europe, the founding bishops of the 7 cities decided to change their clothing to the most optimal ones nearby. Due to their alchemical knowledge, they were able to dye many things in gold, improving the economy of the area, as well as being able to dye their own external skin gold to show off a more ominous appearance in the population.

Gilded Master Transmuter

  • Gilded Master Transmuters.- With powers acquired through genetic experimentation from marriage crosses between transmuters for generations, these soldiers possess uncommon abilities:
    Transmute Enemies: Converts an enemy into solid gold, which can be used as a gold vein for its original resources converted into gold. Cowldown:10 sec
    Transmute Fish: Turns fish in a selected area into gold, they no longer offer meat.
    Transmute People: Converts a unit to gold, it can no longer move and can be dug with villagers to obtain gold, for its original converted price. Cowldown: 10 sec
    Transmute buildings.- Converts a building into a golden building, making it unusable. Gold can be dug for its original converted price. Cowldown:30 sec
    Transmute Quarries.- Converts a stone quarry into a gold ore. Cowldown:10 sec
    Transmute Trees.- Converts trees into gold, untappable but excavable. Cowldown: 10 sec
    Transmute Fish: Turns fish in a selected area into gold, they no longer offer meat.

el dorado the gilden man c6bd99c78ab1352afc5d26cb8c8f041d


Gilded Eggs Chamber

II.- Gilded Eggs Chamber.- Acts as a mill and generates the automatic production of golden animals, such as the golden sheep, golden llamas and golden turkeys. These cattle generate gold in addition to food when collected.

Gilded Market

II.- Gilded Market.- Exchange gold for double the amount of food, wood or stone (100g → 200f / 200w/ 200s), or vice versa, in charges every 1 minute.

Gilded Great Temple

III- Gilded Great Temple.- Allows the production of all Gilded units, 10% cheaper, and 50% faster, and also acts as a temple.

III.- Gilded Laboratory

III.- Gilded Laboratory.- Allows alchemical research, improving the effects and powers of various units.

– Gilded Spark: Automats has 10% more speed and 10% more attack speed.
– Gilded Siege: Siege become gilded, +10 fire resistence and +5 melee armour.
– Gilded Tequila: Infantry get the Gilded Tequila ability, that improves 20% their attacks for 10 seconds, but receive 10% reduction of HP permanently each time they used this. Cowldown:60s
– Gilded Basquet: Villagers can gather +10 more resources, but loss 15% speed.
– Gilded Diluted Solution: Gilded Bishop get 4 charges instead of 3 for recharge.


IV.-Gilded Siege Plant

IV.- Gilded Siege Plant.- Allows the production of golden weapons of mass destruction, such as the Great Golden Bombard, which shoot golden bullets, or the Golden Helepolis.


IV.- Gilded Transmuter Temple.

IV.- Gilded Transmuter Temple.- Allows you to create transmuting Wizards, with surprising transmutation abilities into gold. You can only have 3 at a time,


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  • They would be an Aztec variant, but without the religious bonuses of rituals, easy difficulty 1/3.

  • I tried to make Gilded Siege Weapons, but there is the problem that I don’t think that because they are gold, the rope twisting mechanisms, which drive the power of the weapon, become stronger. Of course, the gold helepólis and great bombard remain.

  • I share some more images of my ideas of development: