Concerning archers and arrows

Hi Relic, I know that you are busy and have a list of to-dos to improve AOE4. This may not be your top priority but I genuine hope you can put improvement to archers and arrows in the future.

It’s concerning the animation of archers ( including archers, horse archers and camel archers), the projectile of arrows and the effect of arrows when hitting the target.

  1. archers. When they draw the bow, will you please add arrows to the bow? I don’t want to see an empty bow.

  2. will you please adjust the spawn position of arrows? I want to see arrows are shooting from the bow, rather than from archers’ abdomen.

  3. will you put more effort into arrow’s projectile? When the units are far from each other, the projectile looks okay, it’s when units are really close to each other when the projectile starts to… be weird. When you are testing the game, are you not bothered by the arrows shooting from a castle or tower, targeting the rams down below? Can you live with such unnatural arrow projectiles?

  4. when arrows hit the target, they look extremely big and sometimes, floating in thin air.

Maybe arrows and archers don’t jeopardize the mechanism of the game, it make the game feels unpolished and unfinished. I wish the game can be a masterpiece for all AOE fans, and I do hope you feel the same.