Concerning New Soundtracks

Will newley added Music find its way to the “Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Soundtrack”, which is available for purchase (8,19€) on Steam? Or is it a finished project with no uptades?

If the ladder is the case, it would be beautiful if it receives new musical content with the new DLCs <3


That’s something I’ve been saying for ages… New soundtracks with their respective DLC.
The Conquerors, Rise of the Rajas, The Last Khan. Are the only DLCs that brought us new pieces of music.

The African Kingdoms would have been a great opportunity for us to add African-inspired soundtracks… at the time, this opportunity was totally missed.

lost potential in my opinion, which is given away here


I would LOVE an album with extended versions of the civs themes! I’ve even asked Vitalis Eirich for them! :smiley: It’s one of those things i’d gladly pay for.


All these years I thought Diamond Dragon was the African Kingdoms soundtrack for some reason. I didn’t know the name either

+1 Civ themes & DLC versions of the main one. I wonder why they don’t add them to the Steam digital soundtrack?

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I have no idea, maybe the composers are too busy to make new music and/ or people think it won’t be worth the investment? I would gladly pay, i love the civ themes and soundtrack, they all have a special place on my Ipod :smiley:

By the way, in case someone missed it :point_up: :ok_hand:
Oh, how i wish we could have all of the civ themes extended :face_holding_back_tears: :face_in_clouds:

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