Concerns about french water balance post winter patch

First of all I am really happy with the support and the road map released.
However I have noticed that hulks will be tweaked to not be as dominant as they are, which implies that you want to keep them on age2 rather than moving to age3.
The concern I have is that the ship costs 540 ressources and is a very slow moving ship, nerfing it to be on par with other age2 ships could just cause france to have a big weakness on water.
540 reasources is a lot to spend on the early game and it could pretty much kill the civ on water maps and specially hybrid maps where you have to balance your ressources spent on land and naval units, so wouldn’t be better to just give france galleys on age2 instead and move hulks to age3?

Why is there always this weird knee jerk pre-reaction assuming the Devs are idiots…

Either the Hulk will be terribad in age 3 and there will be an upgrade for it… or the Hulk will still be useful due to its inherent strengths, or the Hulk will be simply as “useful” as a Dow in the later stages of the game but either way, why complain before it happens??

Thy could make them weaker BUT cheaper… who knows . There’s countless possibilities for your fav OP civ…


Some people are accustomed to using OP ships, and do not say a word when other civilizations complain about it. Then when the patch is not yet on the market, they worry that French ships will not be OP as usual after the update.


Did you read the whole post or just the first part?
My point was that it would be way better to give france normal galleys on age 2 and move the hulk to age3, that was the point of my post, I am fully aware of how op France is on water right now.
I even written a post and commented in several sections of this forum that hulk should be moved to age3

Just read this post and you will see your assumption about me not saying a word about it is totally wrong

I’m of the opinion that the intended counter to hulks is fast castling. In theory you should be in castle age by the time they have 3 hulks. Build a dock in 2 different places and you will be able to get your own hulk equivalents out before they can fully deny water.

That said I still support nerfing hulks as they are currently hurting innovation on watermaps.

I agree that hulks are too strong, but my point was for balance purposes wouldn’t it be better and easier to just move hulks to age3 and give them galleys age 2 instead like other civs?
My point being that on hybrid maps it would make it really difficult to balance both land and naval units on the early game due to the hulk cost being so high.