Concerns about the current state of AoE II campaigns

Hi, new old age of empires fan here.

i just make this short questions about some concern about the current AoE II campaigns.
First, the Campaign seems to be either too lazy to which make the level boring or too aggressive which make the level too difficult to finish. I just want the devs were able to balance it out to make sure the levels of each campaign both engaging and manageable as well.

Secondly, about the third level malian campaign is which seems to have a secondary objectives never worked properly. You see theres a new objective about delivering the camels to merchant in that level when the reward for doing so will reveal interesting locations.But, unfortunately by the time the levels starts it seems all the locations were revealed instantly without the performing the sidequest.

Third and lastly the state of the final devapala campaign after the recent update. It seems the ai for both enemies are currentcly acting defensively and they’re not on the offensive. Making the level less challenging.So please fix it immidiately.

And finally as a single player campaign player i just want the Campaign
levels not only challenging but also not making me ripping my hair in frustation.

Thanks :wink:

Why should official campaigns fit your preference only? Its for everybody with different skill levels not just you.


but there’s concern about the ai it seems . . . odd


Try some custom campaigns, there are many good ones. Like uhm battle of Adrianople or “Constantinople, the end of the ancient world” not because they’re mine, I’m just saying for a friend…

I must say that unfortunately ai in this game acts very stupidly no matter what you do, for example can’t attach walls properly most of the time… That calls for the player to set up his/her own rules (like not build walls otherwise it’s too easy) which it’s kinda awkward for a 25 years game but what can you do


Tbh the Malian abd Bengalis campaigns could surely be improved, Im going to agree with that

They do seem to mention some bugs, hough.

The campaigns have an uneven difficulty but the sword rating (1 sword = easy, 3 swords = hard) is a good indicator of what to expect. At 1-sword you can relax and take your time until you’re ready to steamroll the enemy. At 3-stars, you’re must force yourself out of your zone of comfort and be daring if you want to win, secondary objectives should be a priority as they can be decisive. Sometimes difficulty also serves the story well, Kotyan Khan manages to make you feel desperate against the unstoppable Mongol Hordes.

The campaigns that really are too easy are few, I’d say El Cid is the worst offender, as well as the Agincourt scenario that’s infamous for allowing to dodge any fight by having Henry V ride straight to the finish line.


Mmmm, what do you mean ?

These paragraphs are subjective

Hard and easy are subjective

This one is a legit bug, it seems

This one is between the two