Configuring triggers on map editor

Hello. I am new to AoE map editor, but I’m managing to do everything, but one thing. My idea is creating a map which will spawn hordes of barbarians every X minutes, and you got to defend yourself and the king, which is the objective.

Problem: I managed to create a timer that spawn the enemy unit every X minutes, but they are spawning and walking around the map (scouting?) or not walking at all. I wanted to spawn some units and make then go straight to the defenders base, but I don’t know how.

Problem2: Well, that’s not a big deal, but I wanted to make AI king patrol, but I don’t know how that works. When I tried to configure the trigger, he didn’t move, or made some akward moves, like instead of walking the area I wanted, he kept on going from the left to the right and coming back, walking like 2 grids max. If anyone can help me on that too I’ll be thankful

Thanks for your time!