Confirmation box missing letters?

This is the screen when you click the back arrow next to the Quick Play (when I am currently in the queue with the timer running), as seen in screenshot below. Did the developers intend the confirmation screen text to be missing letters?

UPDATE: this is the screen when I tried deleting a unit (I was in single player mode, I pressed delete on one of my own buildings) and again, the confirmation yes/no box has missing letters.

I didn’t noticed anything it must be font error (because there are no "U"s (and other letters like H…) not random letters) with all other language versions of Windows. And report it on bugs not discussion.

Do you use mods? That could be the issue.

The official mods from official events that I’ve unlocked, as well as a few others that changed the picture on the main screen but that’s about all.

If bugs is the better place, then I request this thread to be moved over there instead.

Just to be sure:
Unselect all mods, restart the game and try again.
If issue still exists: It isnt due to the mods and you can enable all again.

It might be the solution, so you might give it a try. If it isnt the solution, you can look to something different.

Seems like the 101.101.43210 update released yesterday made things better, have not disabled any mods and so far, haven’t encountered missing letters.

Yeah, the civ pick UI didn’t show the UT for Tatars and Spanish for me

Now it does